Tuesday, May 10, 2011

another glorious sunshine-y day

I am loving the fact that yesterday was our first sunny Monday in like six weeks.  It's funny, the things you take for granted.  It felt so good to soak it up in the car line at school yesterday afternoon. 

Yesterday was a wonderful Monday.  I had my 2 sweet cafeteria volunteers working with me...one of the students' moms, and his granddad.  The kids love them...and they come to help me faithfully, two times every week.  They both hug me every time they see me...Mr. Steven reminds me of my sweet Daddy. 

Anyway, yesterday we were talking, and he asked me if on the last day they volunteer during that last week of school, if they could take me to lunch at Booya's.  Like I do them some favor by them coming to help me in the cafeteria!!  But THEY are the ones doing ME a favor!  Can you believe that?  I was really touched by their generosity.  And I accepted their invitation.  They keep telling me how good that place is...I've never been there.  I think it might be one of the bonus reasons as to why they help twice a week!  I'm pretty sure they go there after they're done everyday!

It was just a nice gesture.  I love random acts of kindness like they display. 

And THEN, as if a great day could get any better, I got a text from my friend Tammy.  She had gotten her hands on some free tickets to The Celtic Women at the Orpheum last night.  She invited another friend of mine, Rene, and me.  It was very last minute...I got the text at about 6:00 and the show started at 7:30.  We were about to leave for Jonah's and Noah's baseball game.  I quickly called Rene to see if she could pick me up, then we drove to Tammy's office here in The Ville. 

We got a great spot in a parking garage just a block away, even with the Grizzlies game last night.  We walked in the door at 7:25, and almost the minute we got situated (in our tenth row orchestra seats!!!) the lights dimmed and the show started.  I have been wanting to see one of their shows forever, so last night was a real treat.  We had the greatest time...I haven't done anything with these 2 gals in forever.  We used to do regular girls' night outs.  But then we kept having kids, and we all got jobs outside of our homes. 

The funny thing was how smoothly it all went off last night.  I don't think we could have planned it any better than the way it actually happened.  Anyway, we all immensely enjoyed the show.  My favorite song they sang was Amazing Grace with a world-renowned bag pipe player they had with them as a guest.  It was the most beautiful thing I've heard in a long time.  I might have gotten a little teary-eyed over it. 

We laughed a lot....because Tammy got a double concert.  One in front of her on the stage, and one in her right ear.  The gal sitting next to her knew every single word of almost every song.  And right next to her was the (in)famous Muck Sticky.  He's kinda strange...and you probably don't know of him because of the music he sings.  At least I hope not! 

It was an awesome night.  I still can't believe how it all happened, and how amazing our seats were.  The women singing had the most eerily beautiful voices I have ever heard.  There were just 3 of them, along with some backup singers, but their voices were so clear and powerful.  They all sounded like angels.  And to hear them talk...I LOVE Irish accents!  It was phenomenal. 

Well...I guess it's time for me to quit daydreaming about last night.  Back to reality!  I have kids that need waking up...so, I hope you all have a glorious day!  Love to all. 

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Rene' said...

Girl I know! It was amazing wasn't it? I don't know when I have heard such pure voices! I had such a great time with ya'll...we need to start doing stuff like that again. I think we are thru having babies and stuff...haha! Love you! Have a great day!

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