Friday, May 27, 2011

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Sorry...the title thing is just killing me.  I could write a book, but to have to title the darn thing...whew.  It makes my eye start to twitch. 

So, the past few days have been very emotional for me.  Here's why:

1.  Graham had his awards program on Monday morning.  I got all teary eyed through the entire program.  I am so proud of this kid...he's pretty great.  He has had a wonderful year, and his teachers were the absolute best.  The fact that his first year of middle school is already over is simply insane.  Time is slipping through my fingers like sand, and I feel like I am trying in vain to grasp it.  I have to remind myself all the time to slow down, and to enjoy the little moments that God gives us. 

2.  One of Graham's closest friends treated him pretty shabbily this week.  And that breaks my heart for the poor boy.

3.  Drew had his last day of elementary school.  I spent the majority of Thursday in tears.  While I was putting on my makeup, I kept crying it back off.  I had to reapply at least three times.  I will never again see his sweet little face in the lunchroom...or witness it lighting up as he realizes I've made his favorite lunch.  So, in honor of this special day (and the fact that 5th grade skate night was canceled for the bad weather that didn't come until 2 hours later), I brought him his favorite lunch.  Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwich combo, with fries, coke and large chocolate milkshake. 

4.  I had to say goodbye to three amazing teachers.  Donna Pittman, Tammy Townsend and Marian Richards.  I will see Tammy and Marian in the fall, but Donna is retiring this year.  I will never again see her beautiful sweater vests walking toward me in the hall.  She and her sweet hubby are friends of ours, so we'll be seeing them around, but it'll still be weird without her sweet smile at CES in the fall.

5.  Jonah and Noah played a game last night.  And Jonah played so good that I seriously got all choked up.  Seriously.  I had tears in my eyes.  He got two out on first, caught a fly ball and scored a homerun.  All in the same one hour game.  And that smile...oh my goodness.  That last time he went up to bat, he shook his booty and turned around to make sure we were all watching.  And then he flashed those dimples that I so love. 

6.  It hit me last night that my kids are on the edge of growing up and keeping me on the road.  I was getting 2 to places they had to get to in order to meet their friends, and I was in the process of also making sure the younger 2 had the stuff they needed in order to spend a couple nights with Mimi and Papa. 

7.  Back to Thursday...I witnessed the sweetest goodbye I've ever seen at school yesterday.  I was in the car line, and one of the special education teachers put one of our special friends on the bus for her last time.  He will be joining Drew in 6th grade next year at CMS.  The teacher did great...she hugged him before he got on, but the second those doors closed, she turned into the waiting arms of a fellow teacher and completely broke down.  The poor girl must have cried for a good ten minutes.  I was bawling.  I mean-crazy, couldn't breathe, sobbing uncontrollably boo-hooing.  I tell people all the time that you do not cry alone in my presence.  Yesterday's goodbye I witnessed was no exception. 

Well.  My hubby and I are going to watch Grown Ups.  Since we are child-less tonight.  Love to all!

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Rene' said...

You know I feel your pain! I'm god I'm not the only one who gets choked up! :) we have both been blessed with amazing kiddos! Love you!!

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