Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my happy list

my husband when he's in a goofy mood (and all the times he's not)
the smell of freshly cut grass
birds chirping
quiet walls within my home
boys playing basketball in my driveway
friends...old and new
sun beaming down on me
the first taste of coffee in the morning
structure within my day
going to church
windows down, moonroof open
my favorite song blaring in my speakers
going 100 different directions, all at the same time, because of recreational sports
talking to my mom first thing in the morning
going to see movies with my girlfriends (and/or my kids)
the smell of honeysuckle
looking out my french doors and seeing all the green on the trees
making my kids their favorite dinner
watching my boys play their sports
their friends coming over
summer. the. end.

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