Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Important Things In Life

How we spend our time is very important.  I guess I need to say here that it's no secret how busy I am.  I think I spend the majority of my time hauling kids back and forth from practice.  I remember when my boys were younger, I would see my neighbor Beth come and go...come and go...come and go.  And I was sitting in my driveway, working on my tan, reading a book while my boys played all around me.

I miss those days.  Not just because of the busy-ness that seems to have consumed my life, but because of how fast they've grown up since then.  Not that they're old, or anything, but the days I'm talking about they were 2, 5 and 6.  It makes me sad that time has flown by that fast. 

Anyway, I remember seeing my friend Beth do all that coming and going and I would think, "Where in the world does she keep going?"  Hmmph.  Well, I've arrived.  If it's not practice, it's to someone's house, or to a restaurant they've been invited to.  But you know what?  I love it.  I love this stage in my life.  As crazy as it often is, I treasure each and every moment I get to spend with them...even if it's in the car on the way to a game or practice.  I love the time spent talking.  And the time I often spend praying for them while I drive.  With my eyes open, of course.  ;)

I'm saying all this to come to the point of my writing today.  I'm in a Bible study right now, on the book of Daniel.  It's on Monday nights at 6:30.  I received Jonah's and Noah's game schedule last night.  Guess when they play their games?  The majority of them are played on Monday nights at 6:40.  So after last night's game (this one was at 5:30), I jumped in Todd's car and hurried off to Bible study.  I would have gotten there 30 minutes late.  And it hit me..."why am I going tonight if I can't go anymore?"

Because as much as I love Bible study...this one in particular...I cannot and WILL NOT miss one game of Jonah's and Noah's.  They are only little for a very short time, and I don't want to miss anything I don't have to.  So, in talking to my mother-in-love on the phone while I'm turning around, she told me a story of a young mom she once knew.  This lady was a church-going lady and she was constantly participating in every Bible study she could.  While that is great and wonderful, her kids were left at home, alone or with someone else, wondering where in the world their mom was.  I don't want to be that mom.  I want to study God's word and learn more about Him, but I am thinking the time has come to find a Bible study I can do during school hours. 

So, the solution?  For me, it's making my schedule more family-friendly.  Life is all about a happy balance.  My dad often says, "Don't be so heavenly-minded, that you're no earthly good."  That is what I thought of when I heard Phyllis tell me that story. 

So, when I pulled back into the driveway last night, Jonah's smile lit up his face.  He was so happy that I was home.  Here lately when I've left to go to Bible study, they've all asked, "Mom, where are you going?"  When I would tell them, they would say, "Oh, man.  I want you to stay home."  So, that is what is happening...I'm only sorry I haven't been paying closer attention to them.  I don't ever want to take one minute with them for granted.  I know that our time on this earth is borrowed.  I know that my kids are not mine, but they are only on loan to me from God.  I want to cherish each and every second I get with them. 

I love the New Living Translation of Psalm 23:5.  The second part of the verse says, "My cup overflows with blessings."  That's where I got the title of my blog from, by the way.  God has truly blessed me...and my cup overflows with His blessings.  Time is precious and should be spent with that in mind. 

Well, life is starting here this morning, so I have to run.  Love to all. 


mandyd said...

Thank you for sharing, I really needed this today! You are a great Mom and have some amazing boys, who will go on to greatly bless their future wives and children one day! I think all moms want to know that they did right by their kids and shared time enstilling what is most important in life! Love you girl :)

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Aw! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles with this! I do constantly try and find that balance...but last night hit me like a ton of bricks. AND a friend came over to talk to me, and I wasn't there...I hurried off. :( Life is too short, too precious...and I have a story to tell you! But that will be on a phone date. Or in person...preferably in person. Love you. :)

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