Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

This is a glorious day!  I can't wait to get out and run my mundane errands.  And yes, I am writing this at 11:05 in the morning...Graham came home sick yesterday.  I took him to the dr. and he tested positive for strep.  No surprise there...anytime he runs fever and has a sore throat, it's usually strep.  But, this is one illness I don't mind...medicine makes it go away and after 24 hours on the antibiotic, he's a new kid.  So...Jonah's and Noah's birthday party is still on for tonight.

I know, I know...we did contact all of the parentals and let them make the decision as to whether or not to let their kid come.  Since strep is only contagious by contact, they weren't worried.  Those were the words out of the dr.'s mouth. on!!!  Birthday week isn't until next week, but Jonah and Noah celebrate the weekend before and Graham celebrates the weekend after.  In case you don't know...Jonah and Noah turn 8 on March 10 and Graham turns 12 on March 11.  Fun times at the Goodwin's house!  This is our other Christmas season...dubbed "birthday season". 

Needless to say, an unexpected day at home today is a relief.  I have a gillion things to do (grocery shopping, cupcake baking, sign hanging, vacuuming and mopping the floors downstairs, and spending time with my sweet Daddy), so this will be a busy day. 

Did I mention I will have six extra boys in my house tonight?  Well, I will.  We don't do birthday parties, but sleepovers.  And have since everyone was old enough to have friends spend the night.  They love's a little crazy for a few hours, but totally worth it.  And who in the world doesn't love a sleepover??? 

Well...I need to run.  I am starving and need to get a jump on my big to-do list!  Love to all...happy Friday!

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