Monday, February 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking

In a perfect world...

the sun would always shine
I would never get heartburn
milk would not spill all over my garage floor
schedules would be checked and scrutinized
people would actually hear me when I talk
thunderstorms would never happen
cats would never get sick
dogs would never get old
children wouldn't grow up
I would never have to grocery shop...or I would at least have a grocery fairy
kids would be sweet and not tattle tale
everyone would be as precious and wonderful as the infamous Mrs. Miles
...and ditto that for my sweet new friend, "Mr. Steven"
houses would stay clean
laundry would be put up in a timely manner
kids would remember their chores
I would actually be appreciated by higher ups at my job (because, really, who else wants my job?)
husbands would always sympathize with bad days
I could live in a cocoon and read all day
I would have the nerve to take a "mental health day"
I would actually pay attention to one of American Christian Writers mailouts that I get often
I would write a book...and immediately I would know what it would be about
nail polish would never chip
American Idol would come on a lot more often
I could have a girls night out with Christa
my house would be beautifully decorated
furniture would not have "accidental sharpie marks" all over the top

The world around me is not at all perfect...but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I promise to cherish the important moments with my family...not stress over stupid little things that I have no control a bad day, or not being thought of.  On days like today I am thankful that I have Someone to turn to.  I don't ever want to live a moment without Him. 

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