Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wannabe Hostess with the Mostest and a Full Moon?

I get to play hostess with my job.  I am the greeting committee.  I open the door (with a smile) for parents and usher them in.  I sign them in and smile at their young ones they bring to eat lunch with the older sibling in school, and then...I put up with the craziness of witnessing that parent let their 3 (or 4) year old run around like a chicken with their head cut off. 


Since when did the school lunchroom take on the characteristics of the playground? 

Yup.  Today, in fact, two parents (from different families) allowed their little ones to run crazy.  I assure you that tomorrow if it happens, I will say something.  I almost trampled the little ones a few times.  AND THEY MAKE THE KIDS NEARBY CRAZY.  Just once, I would love to leave and let them take my place while I watch my other kid act like they don't know any better. 

Full moon?  I don't know if we're having one tonight or not, but a coworker friend of mine strongly believes in the behavioral changes of kids on days when there's going to be a full moon. 

Even Todd believes it.  I don't know if I'm sold on that one or not, but for whatever reason (aside from the terrible toddlers) I thought today was a great day.  Sure, some annoying things happen.  Kids repeatedly ask for things they forget.  (Heck, they are kids.)  It's never quiet in the cafeteria.  Which is not wonderful if you have a head that feels like it's shoved in a drawer.

But at least the weather is beeee-eautiful outside.  I am loving this 67 degrees in February.  I just might don a pair of capri's before the week's over.  Is that legal yet?  I'm not sure...

Well.  I need to go think of dinner now.  Since I'm unprepared for it and all. 

Love to all. 

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