Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't have a title.  Whatever.  I feel like I only got 2 hours sleep!  I couldn't stop coughing last night, and I felt like my head was going to explode.  :(  It's not even a "real" cough...I'm taking medicine to make it that way, though.  When I finally went to sleep, Noah came into my room crying.  He couldn't breathe out of his nose, and I think the fan was making his throat hurt.  Poor baby.  We're a pitiful bunch around this house, that is for sure.

We'll manage.  I just had to get all that off my chest.  On the bright side, it is beautiful here in The Ville!!!  We got up to 60* yesterday and today it's a high of 65*!!  I love this weather...my boys all wore shorts to school yesterday.  Apparently, it was a great decision for Drew, b/c it was hotter than Haidi's upstairs yesterday.  I almost broke out the sandals, but my ankles would scream at me if I did that...so I didn't.  (I have to wear my tennis shoes almost everyday b/c of the tendinitis I have in both ankles.) 

We had a nice, lovely romantic Valentine's dinner for six.  Lol...I put together stuff we had that was quick, because of lacrosse practice.  The kids liked it.  At one point, I said that I was sorry for not fixing something "fancy" b/c it was Valentine's day.  Drew looked at me and said, "What are you talking about?!?!  This IS fancy!!"  Have I mentioned that I love him??? 

So.  On the agenda for today is....I have no idea.  I pray that I feel start feeling better soon.  I am not supposed to get sick.  I certainly don't have time for it!  I pray that today will be just as good as yesterday...my favorite time in the whole school/work week is Monday morning when I meet with my Moms In Touch group.  I have become so much closer to these women that I pray with every week.  Yesterday was my fifth week, and it's the best hour and a half I spend every week.  I know that the women in that room are the ones that I can count on.  Regardless of what comes my way...I feel like we are an army standing united.  It's pretty awesome. 

I wish I could stress to you how awesome this time is...if you're reading this and are local to me and have a kid at CMS, CES, or Tara Oaks and would like to come join us, please do!  Next week we'll be meeting on Tuesday b/c of President's day on Monday.  I say this, but I also know there are some of you that read this that work and cannot come.  It's ok!!!  We cover every kid, teacher and staff person in all 3 of those schools, and we have got your child covered.  Trust me. 

To those of you who are interested in this and are NOT local to me or don't have kids in those particular schools, there is a Moms In Touch website you can get on to see if there is a group for your area or for your kids' school.  And if there's not...then I encourage you to start one!  My friend Sharon started ours, and anyone can do it.  There are guidelines to pray by that we follow every week, and I think there is a video you can watch to show you how we do it.  We spend time in prayer, and we end by writing short 5 sentence notes of encouragement to the teachers we prayed for that day.  We take 5 or 6 every week and pray for them...so that we eventually pray for every teacher and staff person in the school.  We also cover all the kids...not by name, but God knows their names.  The fact is...we are praying for them. 

Anyway, I know I've gone on and on, but this is something I am passionate about.  Prayer is very powerful.  It presents a united front for us to be able to stand against trials and temptations in today's world.  And I know that God is honored when we spend quality, regular time with Him.  Carving out that time each week has become one of my lifelines. 

Well...I need to get off of here and get a jump start on my day.  Just a heads' up...if you're doing SSMT with me, today is the 15th!!!  Time for our fourth verse of the year.  I'll send out a reminder email/text later with what I'm doing.  Let's try to stick with it!!!  Love to all!

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