Saturday, February 12, 2011

the things in my head

I went to bed at 9:00.  For some crazy reason, I feel worse today than I did a week ago.  :( 

I woke up at least 12 times to blow my nose.  (I accidentally just wrote 'blog' instead of 'blow'.  Not once, but twice.)

I dreamed about weird things.  Multiple times.  One of which was a strange show we watched ten seconds of last night, and then I dream about the weirdest part?  Seriously???  I would much rather dream about Steven Tyler and all the amazing voices we heard on American Idol.

I woke up at 6 (then 7, and finally got out of bed at 8).

The first thing I did when I came downstairs was discover that though I did make the coffee, I failed to turn it on.  :(

Then I was bombarded with kids wanting me to look up lyrics to songs on the internet so I could tell them
'yes' or 'no' to them downloading them.

I proceeded to go through half a box of tissues. 

I got on my email, then facebook, and now here I am on the blog. 

I read a couple of my friends' blogs and got caught up on their lives.  (I could spend a whole day doing nothing but this!)

I talked to my hubby's best friend since Todd is still snoozing away upstairs.  I don't see how, either, with all the noises coming from up there!

Andy and I are just hanging out, listening to the faint, faraway (Kidz Bop versions) of Boom Boom Pow and some other dance mix songs that I am too old to recognize.

Which is apparently making him nervous, because now he's pacing.

I'm thinking about what we're going to get the kids for Valentine's day...we don't do a lot, but we do a little something.  Graham and Drew are into iTunes right now, so we might get them a gift card.  Or we might get a new game for us all to enjoy.

Right now I'm going to concentrate on being able to fully breathe out of both nostrils.  I know...exciting, right?  I might make a library run while I'm out, too.  Jonah is reading through every book in our house almost, and he's requesting some more Flat Stanley books.  I will probably take him with me this time instead of picking them out for him. 

Well, that's about it for now.  Enjoy your Saturday with your loved ones!  Love to all.

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