Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes My Kids Drive Me Nuts

Sometimes I have bad days.  Today was not one.  Well, not at work, anyway.  My bad day started when Graham and Jonah started in on each other.  Ugh.  I get so tired of the fighting and the bickering and the being mean to each other, and...AND...AND...


I know I can't be the only one.  I threatened to make Graham and Jonah sleep in their rooms tonight by themselves.  If you know my kids, you would know the horror of this statement.  My kids all have sleep issues.  If you don't believe me, ask their Auntie Trisha.  She can testify.

I'm always reminded me of the episode of Mad About You about the 2 moms fighting when my kids fight.  And I could tell you why, but I'll probably mess it up somewhere in the middle.  I know, I know...random statement. 

So, I did more stuff that makes me happy today.  I've been needing to clean out our tornado closet.  It was horrific.  We could shut the door ONLY by shoving everything inside at the same time.  I had a process...I pulled everything out, then threw away most of it cleaned all that out, then put things back where they belonged.  I am not Martha Stewart, but I love some organization.  I'd show you a picture, but when I took one, it doesn't look all that impressive.  But it is.  To me, at least.  :)

 Sooooo...what else, what else...oh.  I was a little overwhelmed with Lacrosse stuff today.  It is a LOT of remembering things.  A lot of people are asking me things I don't know, and for some reason, everybody thinks that I am a human calculator and can figure out at the drop of a hat how much money they owe.  Or if they have even paid.  ???  Seriously??  If they knew what it took for me to remember my own name, they would not ask me all these questions.  I'm okay now, though.  The lady helping me is awesome...and patient.  Her son moved to the next team, so I took over her position as team secretary.  Only because nobody else would do it. 

It's not all that bad...I'm just venting here.  The good thing is that it's forcing me to learn how the game is played.  What's really funny is that I'll probably be the time keeper on Saturday.  Should be interesting!!!

Speaking of...their first game is Saturday.  I'm really excited about it!!  I just pray they don't get hurt.  I'm kinda nervous about that.  At least the weather is going to be nice.  And sunny...and somewhat warm.  :)  It makes my heart so happy!!!  I'm still sad about Graham and Drew not playing baseball, though. 

Oh, well.  Well....I hear my name being called.  So, adios.  Love to all. 

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