Friday, February 11, 2011


In honor of the upcoming day, I thought I would make this post about things that I love.

My sweet might get tired of me saying it, but without Him, my life would be nothing.  I am thankful that my life on earth doesn't compare to the one I will someday have.

My husband and all of his quirky ways.  His voice, his hands, his personality, his fierce protection of me and the boys, his playful side, his grumpiness in the morning, his laugh, his scarred self...all of him.

Each of my boys and their unique-ness.  I love their sweet selves in the mornings, and the times we share around our dinner table.  

The smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee.  I can almost feel my mouth watering as I write this. 

And, speaking of mouth watering...pickle juice!  I prefer Mt. Olives hamburger dills...yummy!!!

My beloved, faithful dog.  I've cried over him a few times in the last week.  I think his days might be numbered, and I've gone to bed with a headache from crying more than once.  And so has Drew.  :(

Painted nails...fingers and toes.  Even in the winter.  And my newest favorite color is probably about half gone already.  It's OPI's My Private Jet.  LOVE IT.

Girlfriends.  I talked to my best friend for over an hour Tuesday morning.  I love that we might not talk all that often, but that we always pick up where we left off.  About anything and everything.  I love her, I love her hubby, their kids...she's the greatest girl I know and I am forever thankful that we will always have each other.

Books.  I love them and always will.  But, I have to admit...I really want a Nook.  I want it in color and I want a cool cover for it.  The reason I want the Barnes and Noble Nook is because it has a light built in for reading in bed.  :)  Hint, hint.

Music.  I am always singing, humming or making up a song.  I love music.  I think in songs, I'm pretty sure.  Hmmm, wonder where Jonah gets his from??

Vera Bradley.  I didn't think I would ever like something so fru fru.  But I really love these bags.  Really.  I got 2 for my birthday and one from Christmas and birthday money.  One is for winter, one's for spring and summer.  My mom bought me one last year when Todd and I went to Iceland that I still love, too, although it's big, so I don't carry it everyday.  It's the huge messenger bag, which I still love.  :)

Painting.  Not walls, canvases.  I haven't done one since November, and I feel the itch to pick up a brush again.

Writing.  This kind of writing, and actual hand writing.  I am the word police.  You won't find many mistakes on this's because I proof read so much, and I am trying to teach that to my boys.

What do you love?  Care to share?  Love to all!

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mandyd said...

I love this post! And, I cherish you so much :) And I pray you get what you wished for!

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