Saturday, February 26, 2011

another title-less post

So, this has been a strange weekend.  I'm not sure I like having just 2 kids.  I feel like an arm is missing...or like I keep forgetting something as I leave my house.  Graham and Drew are camping with friends this weekend.  Graham wasn't going to go, but at the last minute, changed his mind.  And for that, I'm glad, because now he's having a whole weekend of fun, instead of just one night of fun.  Originally, he had plans to attend Trivia Night for the CMS Band.  But camping won out. 

So, it's weird with just having the 2 younger guys.  Last night we ate at an actual restaurant without breaking the bank.  We went to Corky's, then ended the night with Baskin Robbins.  We did all this with the best neighbors in the world.  :)  We enjoyed some time with my 2 sisters that are here, then came home and crashed. 

Today has been...quiet.  Todd took the boys to a friend's game this morning, so while they were gone, I got caught up on all the Glee episodes I've had recorded.  :)  Have I mentioned that I love that show?  I do.  So much so that I would love to have the dvd's of the season before that I missed.  And the soundtracks.  AHEM

Just in case anyone important is reading this.

We had dinner with my sister Trish tonight.  Jonah and Noah took a swim in her huge tub and played with shower cream and listened to the radio. 

It's been fun.  It's been strangely quiet and argument free.  Because twins really don't argue.  Isn't that amazing?  I can count on one hand how many fights they've had in their almost 8 years of life.  And speaking of that...the almost 8 year's old thing...they've made their birthday wish list.  I cannot believe they're about to have their 8th birthdays. 

Anyway...I can't wait for all my kiddos to be back under my roof again.  I know that Graham and Drew have had a great time, but I miss their little selves!  Well...I'm about to hit the sack.  Love to all!

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