Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Again

I must say that I was disappointed when we didn't receive a phone call informing us that school was out.  I'm shocked, if you want to know the truth.  It snowed.  And my front steps and back porch are slick.  Just ask Andy.  I'm hearing the roads are slick in some areas, and dry in others.  And yes, I am a nervous wreck about driving my kids to school this morning.  I always end up praying the whole way there and back, and by the time I get home, I'm all shaky. 

I know.  Pitiful, right?  Snow I can handle.  Ice I can handle, thanks to my hubby who has taught me how to maneuver around over the years, but I prefer NOT to.  I'm good with staying home and letting my hubby do all the driving.  But apparently that's not on the agenda today.

Remember my post about finding a theme word for the year?  (Another Klove challenge)  I think I might have it narrowed down to a handful.  I'm still praying about them, so I'm not completely sure yet.  But I only have a few more days to do this, because the 31st is fast approaching.  Why is this so important to me, you wonder?  Well, it's like this.  I believe that whatever word I choose will be a word that I pray over my life every single day.  (An example of a word is Lisa's from the Klove morning show.  Her word is "clear", so she might pray, "Lord, help me to be completely transparent before you.  Help others to see through me, straight to my heart.  And let them see YOU in me."  When she found her word, she looked up the meaning online.  Her word had lots of cool meanings.)  But that's how you do it.  I can't wait to tell you mine!!  I'm going to wait until I'm completely sure about it.  But know that I am praying about it.

Well, that about wraps up the thoughts rattling around in my brain.  Plus, I need to start laundry and breakfast.  Have I mentioned that I do not love making breakfast?  I feel like I always make the same old, same old.  Add to that the fact that my kids don't like to eat early in the morning, and you've got my dilemma. to all.  Hope your day is blessed! 

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