Monday, January 24, 2011

Make A Difference Monday

Yup.  It's a Klove thing again.  Who says weekdays have to be boring anymore?

If ever I wanted to make a difference in the lives of someone...what I do now is guaranteed to do just that.  My sweet friend has graciously opened her home to moms in our community to start a Moms In Touch group.  If you're not familiar with this organization, you can go here to read more about it. 

We meet every Monday (unless school is out, then we might change to a Tuesday) from 9-10ish.  I say "ish", because after we pray, we write cards to the teachers we've uplifted.

If you are reading this locally (as a fellow resident of the Ville) and would like to join us to pray, please consider doing so.  If the thought of praying out loud scares the bojiggles out of you, it is very structured and organized.  We pray Scripturally, so lots of times all we have to do is read aloud a Scripture with specific names in them.  Of course, we also pray for our kids and for each other.  Right now my prayer is that this group grows so big that we have to split.  How cool would that be??  Right now we pray for Tara Oaks Elementary, Collierville Elementary and Collierville Middle.  I also pray that we all grow closer's a great way to bond with new friends, this act of praying with other women.  I almost feel like I've got my own Yada Yada group.  And if you haven't read those books, then forget I said that.  If you have read them...then we are lots like them!

The way we pray is this:

We praise God for WHO HE IS...Faithful, Steadfast, Loving, Kind, Gentle, All knowing, All powerful.  You get the picture.  We praise Him not for what He's done, but for Who He is .

We have a time of silent confession before Him.  This part is where I always think of Psalm 51:10, which says, "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

After this silent confession, we give thanks.  Now, we thank Him for all He has done.  Answered prayers are what I usually thank Him for.  And after one week, we had some answered prayers!!

Finally, we have intercession.  This is when we pray for our own kids, each other, specific school needs, and for MITI.  Today we prayed for in, "what is prayed inside these walls stays inside these walls."  And, "Lord, put a guard over my mouth."  I don't discuss what we pray for.

This is, by far, the most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of.  I cannot wait to see what all God does through this time of prayer.  Not only in our lives, but in the lives of those that we pray for.  I am eternally grateful for my friend Sharon, for starting this up.  A year ago, I had the thought of wanting to participate in something like this, and I am so excited to finally have a chance to be able to be in it.

We serve a mighty God.  The more time I spent with Him, the more I love Him.  If you're reading this from the Ville, and it sounds like something that you would like to do, please join us!  No strings...just come and see what we're all about.

Love to all.

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