Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I don't know what to call this one.  I don't really have anywhere in particular that I'm going with this post, so we'll see how it goes. 

Monday was really good.  I know, I know, it was Monday, but to me, it was really good.  I always dread starting back the routine for the week, but it wasn't like that this time around.  Sure, I didn't want to get up, but my steamy shower helped take care of that for me.  I literally walk from my bed, straight to the shower.  It helps wake me up. 

I've decided that I should consider starting a kids' taxi service.  I am in charge of three extra little boys before (2 of them, anyway) and after school.  My boys look like the part in the circus where all the clowns keep getting out of the little car.  Except my car is big.  And the boys aren't clowns.  And after 6, they really do stop.  :)  For two of the boys who are my neighbors, I'm doing them a favor by taking and picking up.  For the third one that just started coming over this week, his mom offered to pay me.  A nice little amount of money for not a lot of work.  I also take another boy named Drew every day, every other week, and on Friday when I drive Graham to school for his early morning meeting with Bible club, I take an extra one-a girl, if you can believe that.

So.  It's fun.  It's also kinda sad when we had to go shopping yesterday, how I had to arrange for care for all of them.  Two of the boys-my neighbors-hang out with us until about 5:30 every night.  The new one I drive home after school, although he might stay some Tuesdays until about the same time.  I don't mind it, usually.  Some days it wears on my nerves, like when they all decide to start fighting.  I guess that's a sign that they're all comfortable with one another?  So when that happens, I threaten to separate them all.  Which I have yet had to do, because the thought enough is torture.  They're good kids.  And it gives my kids a virtual party in their house every single afternoon.  Every.  Single.  Afternoon. 

We had family night last night, as Noah called it.  My mom and I took the boys to get jeans and athletic pants, and afterward we had Lenny's for dinner.  It was my 6, plus Aunt Trish, Big Daddy and Nana.  Noah was very excited.  :) 

Well, it's that time.  Time to wake up the other 3.  Lest all this excitement be too much, I'll stop here and spare you any more details of our life in the Ville.  Love to all.

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