Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Been Going On In My World

I was going to put a new picture of the boys up by the title...but then realized I don't have one with their new haircuts.  Three out of the four got buzzes this weekend.  On the backporch.  By the hubby.  And yes, I might be nuts, but it was all my idea. 

Hey, it saved us $40 so who can complain???  Plus, they've all been begging for a buzz for weeks now.  It's all the rage at school.  HA.  If you know me, you so should know that first, I don't care if it's the rage or not.  And two...what they want (as far as something like haircuts), they get.  They're all old enough to tell me how they want it nowadays, plus, it's THEIR hair.  Not mine. 

So.  That was Saturday.  After that, we spent the rest of the afternoon at baseball games.  And I got a sunburn.  :(  I know, I know.  I am old enough to know better.  I'm not the only one, though...I'm just sayin'. 

Yesterday was a glorious Mother's day.  I cried most of the morning.  First over my cards, and the overwhelming feelings of feeling so loved and cherished.  Seriously,  I could not turn the water works off.  Graham looked at me at one point like I was losing it, and I had to promise they were happy tears.  We had a great church service, then we had lunch at my sister Lisa's house. 

While we stayed home and caught up, all the other people (big people and little people) went to the park to play baseball. 

Fun times. 

We ended the day at home, relaxing with the fam.  And I'm thrilled that we're doing just that again tonight.  It's been rainy here all day, and before Jonah even got out of the car this morning he wanted to know if we could get in our jammies after school and watch movies.  A boy after my own heart.  :)

That's about it--I know it's not very exciting, but this is my life.  I love it and am very thankful for the many ways God has blessed me.  Yesterday was just one example of how deep His love for me is.  I praise Him for each and every moment I get to treasure with my family.  I am so thankful. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing evening at home with your families...and if you still can, hold your kiddos tonight.  I just realized I can no longer hold two out of my four.  :(  How time flies. 

Cherish the moments.  Love to all.

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