Friday, May 14, 2010

still on countdown and a sick boy

My sweet Noah doesn't feel good.  I walked into work yesterday, the ladies in the teacher's lounge told me that he had gone to the office about an earache, and I decided to check him out.  All in about 5 minutes time.  Noah is my child who never complains about a sickness, so I knew when he was almost in tears over his ear that he really felt bad. 

When we got there, we realized it had been 2 years since he'd been seen by our doctor over an illness.  Seriously. 

Turns out he did have an ear infection...only the ear that hurt wasn't the infected one.  Weird, but that just happens.  The poor child is miserable because of his cough and his nose-he's having to blow it every few minutes and it hurts.  So much so that I went and bought him his very own boxes Puffs with lotion when I got his prescription filled at Target. 

And he bought himself a new toy and travel pillow with some birthday money.  And me a diet coke.  I'm just sayin'. 

I'm staying home with him again today.  There's not much going on at school these last few days (6), and since he is miserable-well, you know.  I'm just letting him stay home.  He's never missed a day of school for being sick.  He's missed school-but not for being sick.  So this day won't hurt him in the least. 

So I might clean some since we're going to be here.  Since I seem to not do that anymore.  My house desperately needs some loving attention from me.  And some laundry needs to be put away.  And some more needs to be folded.  And the dust needs to be gotten off all the surfaces.  And the floor needs to be vacuumed upstairs.  And, and, and......

My dad will come over later.  I won't have too long to do all this, but hopefully I'll make a good dent. 

I'm so excited that next week is our last week of school.  I cannot wait to have nothing to do all day.  I hope I don't cry on the last day of school, but I probably will.  I did last year when all the 5th graders were on their way out, and since Graham is one of those this year...well, you get my drift.  I will probably be fighting tears all day.  :( 

Well.  I need to run.  Boys need to get dressed and I need to get started on my day.  Hope all of you have a great one.  Love to all. 

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save marriage said...

Aww poor Noah! I hope his ear gets better!! Your trip is so soon! That is so exciting! 24 days will fly by.

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