Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making The Time

*This was written several weeks (months?) ago, and I never published it.*

Often, I sit and wonder this: Am I making enough time for the things that really matter in life?

Bible study?


Reading God's word?


Doing the things in life that my boys will always remember?

I was talking to a sweet friend at church last night.  She's an older lady who has raised kids, and is now helping raise her grandchildren.  Recently, she fell and broke her ankle {possibly her foot, I'm not completely sure}.  Yesterday was her first day out of the wheel chair that was confined to in 7 weeks.  Seven weeks.  Can you even imagine that?  I can't.

She is an active lady~she heads up our senior citizen ministry at church, she exercises regularly, gets on the floor with those grandchildren I mentioned, attends church every time the doors are open...you get the drift.

She told me last night as she walked along beside me, albeit slowly, that this has been an eye opening experience for her.  She's one who runs circles around everyone she knows, and she is one who NEVER sits idle. 

This injury has caused her to slow down.  It's forced her to just stop everything.  She told me that she felt like God was tapping her on her head saying, "Didn't I tell you to REST in Me?  Didn't I tell you to be still?  And know I am who I am?"

Not that He made this happen, but it's caused her to do some serious thinking.  And that got me to thinking.

What do I make time for that I shouldn't?

The computer?  My newest favorite reality tv show?  Facebook?  This blog?

I had to stop and just let that settle for a while.  I came to the conclusion that we should enjoy life...after all, Jesus Himself came to give us LIFE and give us a rich and satisfying life, at that.  {John 10:10  "The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."}

As much as we should enjoy this life that God has so richly blessed us with, we should spend our time doing things that focus on our eternity.

I want my kids to know life and to love it, but I want them to know that life on this earth is only temporary.  However great and amazing our best day ever is, Heaven will be one MILLION times better than even that.  I want us to spend time together as a family trying to win people for God's kingdom.

What am I making number one in my life?

What are you?

I love in the book of Daniel, the picture of him that we get.  He is in love with his Lord, he is young, healthy, full of life, and he is sure of who he is.  Not physically, but he is confident in where his hope comes from.  Who his hope comes from, I should say.

I love how in chapter 6, we learn of how he goes to his knees and prays 3 times a day, everyday.  I get the feeling this time is not just a "God is great, God is good..." kind of prayer, too.  I love that tenacity we see displayed in Daniel.

And that makes me wonder...do I have that same tenacity?  That same goal?  That same drive? 

Just wondering.

And praying that I do-when it really counts, too, not just for when people are around to witness it.

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