Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yup.  Post number 644.  Yowza.  I've been neglecting my good friend, Blog, for a while.  I feel like that it's all about to change, though.  Now that I have...ya know.  Time

It's been a fabulous weekend.  Lots of fun and sun and water.  Lots of family.  Lots of Jesus this morning, and hearing why He wants us to be joyful.  Lots of good, yummy food.  Lots of friend time-well, at church, anyway. 

I learned that one of my very best friends is getting hitched.  :)  Her Christmas Miracle Man (a long story and one I'm not sure I'll ever tell on here) popped the big question Saturday night, and trying to keep that a secret since last Tuesday was close to being impossible.  I am so excited for her-we've been praying for this for a long time and I am overwhelmed by God's goodness in the whole situation.  I love this girl dearly and am excited about standing with her as one of her bridesmaids. 

*Big happy sigh here.*

My boys keep on begging me to ask her if they can be her ring burier.  And yes, I know that's not the proper name, but that's what they're calling it.  Well, did I say all of them asked her that?  Just 3.  The other 1 asked if he could be her flower girl.  Any guesses to which one that was?

His name starts with D and ends with REW

Are you really surprised? 

I had to tell them that while I was in the wedding, that decision was up to their auntie.  Which is what they've taken to calling her.  The bad news in this?  We'll miss her desperately when she moves to Springfield after they're married. 

Lucky for me the future hubs invited me to stay with them when I visit.  And promised to bring her home often. 

It's been a great weekend.  I'm glad it's not over.  We have one more day to enjoy with each other, and I plan on doing just that. 

And then...

I must start packing and getting ready for Iceland!  It's hard to believe we're leaving in 8 days.  I know it'll be here before we know it, and I'm starting to feel a little...apprehensive.  Have I ever told you I detest airplanes?  Taking off?  Flying?  Landing?

Well.  I do.  God's gonna have to show up in a huge way to get me through that flight!!!  I don't even want to know how long the flight is...I prefer to just not know.  We're flying into Boston and then from there to Iceland.  Yikes.  I'm a little...curious, for the loss of a better word...about the volcano and what it will be doing while we're there.  Since we're only going to be 5 miles away from it. 

And I'm curious as to what all we'll be doing.  I know we're cleaning up from all the volcanic ash-dust, but whatever else we're doing will be a complete surprise. 

Have I mentioned that I hate surprises???  Despise them.  So, maybe God's trying to show me something in all this? 

Like to trust Him?  And depend on Him?  And to have complete faith in Him?

I am very excited, please don't get me wrong.  I would just appreciate your prayers.  God has completely opened this door for us to be able to go on this trip.  He's provided the finances and He has confirmed it many times over that this is what we are supposed to do.  So I know He has something big planned, and I can't wait to find out what it is. 

And yes, I plan on taking a few hundred pictures. 

I take a hundred pictures when we go to the zoo, can you even imagine how many I'm going to take in Iceland???? 

I plan on journaling while we're there so I can share it with all you bloggy peeps when we get home.  We're not sure if we're taking this laptop yet.  We're thinking about it.  I don't know if our campground will have wi-fi, so we'll have to find out. 

The boys are excited about Aunt Trish coming to stay with them while we're gone.  We finally have most of the details worked out.  She's coming over one night this week to go over last minute stuff. 

Because we only have 8 days.  Then we're leaving. 

Excited, a little nervous, a lot of curious, a lot of anticipation...

Lots and lots of things going through my head right now.  It's no wonder why I was up until 2:30 this morning reading my book.  My brain won't stop going.  And there's lots going on.  Plus the book was amazing and I couldn't put it down. 

And speaking of books...I need to get some more to take with me!  For the who-knows-how-many hours we're going to be spending on planes and in airports.  Any suggestions? 

Okay.  Well.  I'm going to try and convince the hubs to go to bed.  He's passed out on the couch right now with Drew. 

Love to all. 

And happy Memorial day...don't forget to take some time to thank God for those who have served and fought and lost their lives so you and I could have freedom.  If you know a vet...thank one.  And if not...say a prayer for one. 

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