Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TCAP's, Madea Fest & Other Odd Ramblings

Hello, bloggy world!  How I've missed you.  It's been a few days, hasn't it? 

This week is CrAzY busy.  If you're my friend on facebook, you already know that from my status this morning. 

I am a TCAP proctor all week.  :)  As much as I've been dreading it, today was wonderful.  Last year stunk, but this year will not be that way.  :)  I love my nice, lovely, wonderfully organized teacher I've been assigned to this year.  Her room is so organized that it makes my heart all happy. 

And yes, I told her just that.  

And I like the way she talks.  And the way she gets on her knees to talk to her students so they are looking her in the eye. 

It's the small things in life, peeps.

So yesterday on my status {on facebook, DUH}, I had a little Madea talk going on.  Something about Dear Friday, please hurry back, yada yada yada, and one of my friends commented, "halleluryah!".  And that got me to thinking about Madea, and how I feel a Madea night coming on. 

Let me rephrase that: I need a Madea night.  I am desperate for some girlfriend time {AHEM IF YOU'RE READING THIS~you know who you are ;)}, and I need to laugh during that time. 

And say "halleluryah" repeatedly! 


Tonight, it's just me and doodlebops.  Yes, I sometimes call them that.  Remember that show?  I do.  Anyway.

Todd is at his annual sheriff's department meeting, where he receives his yearly gold dollar.  I know, he is ROLLING in it, people. 

So, we had a deliciously simple dinner {chicken sandwiches because I made a ridiculous breakfast this morning} and we are now just hanging out counting down the seconds watching America's Funniest Videos. 

I know, I know.  This is crazy good, right?

What can I say?

I'm about to send numbers one and two to the shower {numbers three and four have already had theirs} and then it's off to the land of nod!


I'm telling you, it is the small things in life.  Some nights I live for bedtime, and tonight just so happens to be one of those nights.

Oh.  OH OH OH OH.  I almost forgot.

Today you will NEVER guess what came in the mail.  Guess.  Wanna try?







Give up? 

Graham's middle school registration packet. 


It's creeping up on me, and before you know it, I'm going to be writing some really emotional blog entry about my oldest son, and how the time has flown. 

We have 6th grade open house coming up in a couple weeks at 6:30 on April 27th, and the reason I write that date is because I'm hoping one of the awesome, amazing, wonderful sets of grands will offer to come hand out with the rest of our brood while we go with Graham. 

Pretty please???!!!

Okay, well, I'm off of here.  I'm going to watch Glee.  Never have before, but it sounds kinda interesting. 

Love to all. 

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