Thursday, April 8, 2010

spring has sprung

You know it's officially Spring in the South when a cold day sneaks up on you.  It is a cool 59 degrees as I write this.  AND, I might add, I am writing this from the comfort of my new chair. 

The furniture in our living room is finally complete. 

Sounds good, huh?  Too bad I'm not sure if I like the new chair. 

I'm praying it'll grow on me. 

And I'm sure I'll feel better when I get some things hung. 

Anyway...yes, I get distracted easily.

I am also writing this in utter silence.  Well, except for the tapping of these laptop keys and the birds singing outside my window, but's blessed silence.  Ahhhhhh.

I feel a little deceptive, though.  I had Bible study tonight, but I'm skipping.  Mainly because my sinus junk is making my stomach hurt really bad, but also because the above mentioned chair wasn't delivered until 6:00, then me and the man we bought it from stood and talked for a few minutes. 

Have I mentioned I've never met a stranger?

I also had the opportunity to take those few minutes to brag on my husband and his craftsmanship in our living room.  Yup.  I did.  Shamelessly. 

I'm still so proud of him over this whole redo, that I am beside myself. 

He is such a perfectionist, and though there are still a few touch ups to finish, it's just amazing to me. 

Anyway.  Wow.  I bragged on him lots today.  First to our delivery man, then to y'all. 

**Happy sigh.**

So where is my family, you wonder?  Tonight is Jonah's and Noah's first baseball practice of the season.  And I am so excited.  And Jonah is.  And his poor, sweet teacher tomorrow...God love her little heart...I'm thinking of texting her to apologize beforehand.  I'm sure he will be talking her ear off tomorrow about tonight.  He loves her.  And he loves to tell her lots and lots of things.

There is no telling what he goes to school talking about sometimes.  Y'all.  That boy never shuts his mouth. 


Get my point?

Not that I care, because I think he is ridiculously cute and adorable.  And oh, his sweet dimples.  I am pretty sure he gets most things in life just because of those sweet little things. 


**Another happy sigh.**

Remind me of this post in three years, okay? 

When he reaches 10 years of age and is not so cute anymore.

Not that Drew is there, because he is SO not.  Yet. 

Maybe it was just Graham that was like that.

Maybe not. 


Okay, well, before I bore you any longer with the conversations rattling around in my brain...I will say good night.  And I will be sitting her in my new, no~so~comfy~chair, watching a little television {who can resist Ty Pennington and Extreme Home Makeover?!?!}, maybe doing some reading {The Potluck Club}, enjoying the peace and quiet. 


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