Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Fun & Fabulous Friday Night

Todd and I had a very impromptu date night last night.  Impromptu is fine with both of us~so long as we have time alone. 

The church where the boys play baseball just down the street [Collierville First Baptist], once every three months or so, has this "Go Fish" night.  As in "go and be fishers of men...".  Anyway, it's a free event for kids in first through fifth grade.  From 6-9p.m.  And they all agreed that they wanted to go.

Jonah just barely went, though.  As of yesterday morning, he was not wanting to go, but I think his friend Ben talked him into it.  They have tons of friends at this church-because it's local, and most of their friends from school go there.  Fun was had by all.

Graham and Drew stayed together with the fifth graders, and for that age group, they take them upstairs to the youth room.  To do fun, big-kid things.

This event is really successful, there were literally hundreds of kids there.  There are parents that volunteer to supervise [which is a somewhat foreign thing to lots of people...I'll just stop there], but the youth group gets involved as well.  They are the actual ones that do activities with the kids.  And this too is a foreign idea...and again I'll stop right there. 

The kids' area is the old sanctuary at the church, so they have their own stage and everything.  It is way cool, according to my kids.  The huge sanctuary area has chairs set up in the front half, and in the back half it's like a restaurant with huge tables and chairs. 

So, all that to say...Todd and I went out last night.  I will admit, I am usually a cheap date.  I suggested fast food for dinner because we needed to eat fast, and we needed to go to Walmart. 

I know.  Exciting date night, isn't it? 

But you know what?  For us, it's never been where we go.  It's always been about the company we keep.  We are best friends, and we have always had so much fun together. 

Last night was no exception. 

We talked, we were serious, we were thankful, and we laughed our heads off. 

It was fun.  And that time will sustain us through to our next date night. 

Today it's just me and the little guys.  I am loving the time I get to have alone with them today.  They just got done "playing" a song for me and singing it to me.  :)  I love them. 

Todd is on the road to Tuscaloosa with Graham and Drew.  Drew might be awake by now, but at 7:30 he was passed out in the backseat.  They woke up at 6 and left at 6:45.  It's a three hour drive, so they should be getting close now. 

I packed them tons of food and snacks and drinks, and they'll be tailgating with Graham's teacher Mrs. Pittman and her hubby.  I think they're going to the Paul "Bear" Bryant museum, then the game, then after the game there's a team picnic they were told about.  Graham is hoping for some autographs. 

I'm thrilled they have this time together-it will be a day they never forget.  Their first Alabama game. 

My heart just got all happy. 

I love it when that happens. 

Well, I need to go finish getting dressed-we're going to the boardwalk in the Ville soon and we have baseball practice that I just remembered.  So, y'all enjoy your loved ones today.  I know I will!


Rene' said...

Love this post! I was literally laughing out loud at the paragraph where you kept saying "I'll stop right there..." Seriously -- I know where you were headed! I really enjoyed when the boys were playing sports at First Baptist...they are an amazing group of people! Anyway -- hope all of you have a great you!

all4boys said...

I kinda got on a lil mini rampage there, didn't I? Glad you knew where I was headed...whoops. Don't get me started again please...especially after something I found on Wed. night.

Anyway...yeah. Cool church, cool peeps...I see a repeat coming on. I'll let you know when they have the next one...they have so much fun.

Love you!!!

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