Saturday, March 27, 2010

a tale of twin brothers

I got a phone call as were backing out of the driveway last night.  Ben, one of Jonah's friends from school, was wanting to know if Jonah wanted to spend the night.  Jonah got really excited and said yes.  We were going to my sister's house for dinner, and he already had pajamas with him, so off we went.

I dropped him off at his friend's house and got back in the car and looked back at Noah.  He looked like he was about to cry as we pulled out of the driveway.  I need to admit here that I almost cried, as well.  I knew that Jonah wanted to do this, but I was sad at having them split up. Anyway, we tried to get one of Noah's friends to spend the night, but he couldn't. 

We went to Tricia's house, and once we got there, he seemed okay.  We ate and he played with his older brothers.  But he wasn't quite himself.  He seemed sort of lost without Jonah around, and the whole night just wasn't the same without Jonah's chatty little self there to keep us entertained. 

We left to come home and had just walked in the door when I got a phone call from my friend.  Jonah and Ben were going to bed, and Jonah came back in the living room crying.  He asked my friend if she would call me to come pick him up. 

I have to admit that my heart got all happy again.  It was really sad without him around all night.  And eerily quiet.  Todd and Graham went to pick him up {Graham had to navigate}, and when Todd asked Jonah why he wanted to come home, he said, "Because I missed Noah."  And almost started crying. 

He came in the door and Noah ran to him and gave him the biggest hug.  They kept on hugging~and on their way to the shower, they told each other how much they'd missed each other and that they loved each other. 

***Insert happy sigh here.***

The joys of twins.  There is nothing quite like them. 

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