Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun With Mom and Boys

I'm so excited about today~we're leaving to go see Tim, Tracy, Nathan and Joseph.  They live in Spring Hill, which is right outside of Nashville, and since it's our Spring break...well, to be honest, I invited ourselves to their house!  I'm glad I'm totally comfortable doing that! 

We are packed and loaded and ready to go~I'm waiting another hour, maybe hour and a half, and we're hitting the road.  It's our first road trip without Todd.  I am armed with fun stuff for the kids to do in the car, and very specific directions.  I have no idea what we're going to do while we're there, but we don't really care.  We're just excited to be getting away.  It's like a little mini vacay for the boys~and they LOVE their Nashville cousins! 

You won't see or hear from me in a few days, probably.  I'll take lots of pics and will do something fun with them when we get back in town.  I think we're coming back on Tuesday.  That'll give us the rest of the week to enjoy with their friends.  We might go to my Dad's one day so they can fish, and on Friday we're going to the zoo with Nana and Big Daddy.

Fun times!  I hope you all enjoy your week~even if it's not your Spring break.  Love to all!

These are the cute little guys we'll be seeing, by the way.  And hopefully we'll get to do some of what they're doing in the pics!

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