Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Calm After The Crazy


That is what I'm listening to.  Well, that and HGTV.


Last night was Jonah's and Noah's birthday sleepover with their friends.  Jonah had Ben from his class over, and Noah had Caleb and Garrett from his class.  Andy was their shared friend.  Not the WonderDog, but the boy Andy.  Just to clarify any confusion.

When I was asking them who they were going to invite, Jonah said, "Mom.  I only have 1 friend that I want to invite from my class."  So that was all he invited.  :)  And what a cute lil friend he has in sweet Ben.


See?  And those manners~oh my goodness.  Those are the icing on the cake.  I love me some good~mannered little boys, even if they are sportin' MS State clothes!

It was fun.  I rushed home after work yesterday to make their cakes~their most favorite~butter golden with chocolate icing.  Nothing fancy, but perfect for them.  They wanted to decorate them, so I let them put the sprinkles on.  And yes, I made 2 cakes because there are TWO of them.  :)  They each have to have their own!

This was Jonah's cake.  Noah's was still cooling off.

They had a great time~the trampoline was a hit, and that's pretty much where they stayed until they played flashlight tag in the backyard.  Fun times.

I can't believe these cuties will be turning 7 on Wednesday.  Where does it all go?

They ran and played and laughed and ate and repeated until around 11:00 when they all crashed.


Aren't they sweet?  These are their peeps.  
We had fun.

And now I'm sitting in silence.  Jonah and Noah went to their friend, Andy's party at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate HIS birthday.  Todd, Graham and Drew are putting up campaign signs for a friend of ours and I am all by myself.  

Enjoying every blessed moment.  

I actually took a really long, really hot shower.  I fixed only MYSELF something to eat {and not 5 other people}, and now I am watching what I want to watch.  


I almost feel a little guilty.  


But not quite.

I hope your Saturday is as amazing as mine!! 

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