Monday, March 29, 2010

37 More Days Cannot Pass Fast Enough

Nope.  They can't.  I remember this time of year from last year.  It's not a fun time in the world of school.  It's just not.  The cute little kids all of a sudden turn into monsters.  And do dumb things that they know they're not supposed to do.  Unless of course, we decided to change the rules for the last few weeks of school.  Why not, right?  I mean, that would be fun.  For the sake of confusion and just mass chaos. 


It was DEFINITELY a Monday.  I'm hoping that I was as nice as I prayed I would be.

Oh, but wait.  There was that one kid who threatened to tell the police officer on me.

Whoops.  Maybe I wasn't so nice.

Oh, well.  Never in my life have I witnessed such disrespect from such a young kid.  I would be appalled if my kid...oh, but wait.  One of mine wouldn't do that.  Unless they enjoyed not being able to sit for a few days.  Nevermind, then.

How was YOUR day?!  A Monday?  A great day?

Mine was still good.  I just walked away from the rude kid and tried not to lose it over statements like, "She won't stop looking at me!", "He's making me think bad words!", "Did you SEE what he just did?!?!", "I didn't know we couldn't do that!", "Oh, I'm sorry.  You said for me to wait?", or one hundred and sixty four billion "I forgot my fruit {ketchup/mustard/baked beans/napkin/spork/straw/milk/water/special treat} Mrs. Goodwin, can you go get it?"


I'm kinda glad the hubs is working late.  At least we can eat chicken nuggets and macaroni for dinner and I won't feel guilty over not preparing a "REAL" dinner.

AND at least I'll have Dancing With The Stars to console my wearied self.  

Yup.  37 days cannot pass fast enough. 

Happy Monday.  Almost Tuesday. 


Phyllis said...

You always make me smile with your funny, even though true, blogs. I can relate to dinner. Sherry and I are having sandwiches and watching DWTS.

all4boys said...

My day was almost comical. And then my night. OH MY NIGHT. That's a whole 'nother blog. LOL. Todd's words to me: I am so dead for not taking some of that stress from tonight off of you! LOL.

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