Saturday, February 13, 2010


We're having a fantabulous Saturday.  It's being spent with us just hanging out around here.  Graham and Drew had a friend spend last night with us, and he's still here.  Along with several other kids from school.  They've been outside playing hide~and~seek, basketball, they had leftover pizza, and now we're watching the Olympics.  

It's been a great day.

My husband is in the process of caulking {the crown moulding is finally done!!!}, he fixed us lunch, and now we're just relaxing.  
Here are a couple pics for your enjoyment.


The one above is Graham and Noah making their their superheroes do Olympic ski jumps off Dad's ladder.  


And this one is Jonah, Drew and Brayden playing on the computer.  
And I'm sitting here, doing this.

It's a great day.  In a little while we're going to head to my mom's for dinner.  A delicious one that I do not have to cook.  Hallelujah!!  That's the absolute best kind of dinner.

So, what are you doing today?  Here in a little bit I'm going to pick my book back up and start reading it.  It's a new author~I got this one from the library, and I love a new kind of book.  

Well, enjoy your Saturday.  I know I will.  Love to all.

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