Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lowdown on American Idol

Have you been watching it?  We've watched it all so far this season and I love, love, love some of the peeps on this season!  Randy said it right tonight when he commented on all the unbelievable talent this year.  And I absolutely LOVE Ellen being on there.  I love her sarcasm and her sense of humor~much better than Paula's cheesiness.  

So do you have faves??

I do.  Wanna hear them?  

First there is Casey James.  He's 27 and from Fort Worth, TX.  He's the one who Kara loves.


I also LOVE DiDi Benami.  I love her story, as well.  Her best friend died and she is continuing on in her honor.  


Gosh, they'd make a cute couple, wouldn't they?  
Okay, who else....oh, I love this girl below.


Haeley Vaughan, 16 years old with amazing vocals from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Wow.  She is incredibly talented.  And I love that she wants to be a country star~not what you would expect, and the judges like that as well.
There's also Thaddeus Johnson, Big Mike {the new daddy}, Andrew Garcia {the young father whose parents used to be in the Mafia}, and Katelyn Epperly.  

Oh, the possibilities are endless.  Those are my faves, though.  I can't wait to see who else makes it through tomorrow night.

What are your thoughts and opinions?  Do you have favorites?  

Feel free to share them.

Until then, good night all. 

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