Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Glimpse From the Past

I am missing my babies being babies.  So I thought I would take a glimpse of yesteryear.  Care to join me?


I love this one above.  Jonah got this hat and sweatshirt {both John Deere} for Christmas from my dad and stepmom.  I love his sweet little cheeks and big 'ol blue eyes.

And this one {above} is Noah in Nashville.  We were visiting Uncle Tim and Aunt Tracy for Nathan's 2nd birthday party and this was taken at a park near their house.  I love his chubbiness here.  He's so skinny now, this doesn't even look like him!

Same park, same day, plus Nathan!

We were at the zoo with Big Daddy in this shot.  

Graham and Drew were 5 and 4 in this one~taken at my dad's house.  They LOVE to fish.  


This was Graham's first time driving.  :)  Yup.  And NO, I was not there on this beautiful day.  But you can bet his daddy and his Uncle Bob were. 

Drew's fist big catch at Nana's and Big Daddy's house.  

This is the fire station where Todd used to volunteer, and that is Jonah {at 2 years of age} walking around in his swimming trunks after swimming in the dunk tank.  

Okay.  I'm done.

A baby shower did this to me, by the way.

 I am so sad at how fast time goes by.

Love on your babies tonight.


Kim said...

Oh girl, I love those pictures!! You seriously have some cute boys!! It is so sad our kids are growing up so fast, I can't stand it!! You are a great Mommy, I know those boys are proud!! And I know you know this, but boys are the SWEETEST!! My Gracie CAN be sweet when she wants to, just not often enough!!
Have a great day!

all4boys said...

Thanks, Kim!!! I went to a baby shower last night and I was so sad that I am officially "out of the loop" in all things baby. It doesn't seem right that my "babies" are about to turn 7. :( I wish I could pause life. Don't you??

Kim said...

Yes, at these ages they are right now! Gracie seemed like she nevr really was a "baby", and it seemed like Weston was a baby forever! With him being the first one, we watched every move he made! They grow up way too fast, it breaks my heart!!

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