Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love Sundays.  I love church. 

Before we started regularly attending five years ago, it was just another weekend day to us.  It was a day we'd spend together, but sometimes we would go, and sometimes we would not.

I found out that we are MUCH nicer people when we go. 

We were attending another church at that time~another denomination even~and I remember feeling like we were being called back to our home church.  We went back that next week and I will never forget what my husband said.  "Now when we go back, I don't want to just jump back into something.  Let's wait and see if this is where we'll stay before we make any big decisions." 


That Sunday he met our old children's pastor, Tim Land.  And found his niche in the kids department working sound and video.  And that began a tight knit friendship that is still going strong today, five years later.  I need to add here that we haven't even seen Tim and Jenny and their kids in two years.  I have a feeling that's going to change soon, though.  They're moving closer to us again.  Not here, but not too far away.

Back to church~that next Sunday we went back to our home church, I joined the choir.  The weekend after that I went on a music department retreat, and thus began the change in me, in Todd and in our lives. 

I love church.  Not just the place, but the family of believers that we belong to.  Even in a period where we struggle to find out spot, I still love the people that walk alongside us. 

I think the Lord wants us to attend church~even if He doesn't say that in the Bible, I think that He desires that we have this fellowship.  I never want to "do" life without Him in it. 

I have before, and I don't care to ever again.

I am flawed and He is the one that rescues me.  My dad once compared church to filling up your gas tank.  You go and you go and you just run out of gas.  Well, in life, you go and you go and you run out of energy, hope, fill in the blank here.  When you go, that's your time to fill back up.  On weeks that I miss, my days don't seem to go just quite right. 

I love church. 

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