Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

Well.  I don't know that I would call it FUN.  It was work, that's for sure.  And speaking of that, I'll be glad to return to work tomorrow so I can rest!  I always wondered why people said that...

Our fun is not over yet.  This week we're making the Big Bedroom Swap with Jonah and Noah.  The room we called the office is now devoid of all office~y things.  The computer desk was carried HEAVED down the stairs tonight by my masculine manly man and wimpy me.  And I don't really want to talk about the fact that I cried while doing this.  {Yes, I am a girl, as I informed my husband.  I had no idea how heavy the stupid thing was, and yes I did cry.  But I stuck with it and managed to somehow assist him in getting it downstairs.} 

And while almost getting knocked upside my head last night by my manly man's power drill. 

I was tired, folks, what can I say?

Our living room is now a beautiful shade of blue called "Skipper" {Behr brand paint}, our fireplace and structural beams are all clean, crisp white and all our furniture is devoid of sheetrock dust. 


This week we're doing their bedroom like I said, and hopefully on Saturday the rest of the, um, STUFF will get done.  And by stuff, I mean all things black and electric that my hubby will be marring our freshly painted walls with. 

So.  That's what we've been up to.  What have YOU been doing this weekend?  I'd love to hear.  Until then, I'll be the one snoring in bed tonight.  Nobody will have to rock me to sleep, that's for sure. 

Oh, and did I mention that all this would have gone much slower if my amazing sister Tricia hadn't been here helping?  She may never come over again after this weekend. 

Love you, Trishy.  Thank you doesn't quite seem adequate, but thank you.  To infinity and beyond. 

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