Friday, January 29, 2010


"Mom, I feel like I'm gonna throw up."

"Mom, when I walk, my foot {ankle, leg, toe, throat, finger, arm, toenail} hurts."

"Mom, what's for dinner?"

"Mom, {after dinner has been consumed} can I have a snack?"

"Mom, can I go outside and see if my bowl of water has frozen yet?"

"Mom, what's that noise?!?!?!"

"Mom!!!!  I can't find my ______________!!!"

"Mom!!!  The phone's ringing!"

"Mom, can I get a cookie?  They're not hot, I just touched them."

"Mom, the satellite's not working again!!"

"Mom, what movie can we watch?"

"Mom, since Dad's not here, can we all sleep with you?"

"Mom, what's going to happen if our lights go out?"

"Mom, where's my flashlight?"

"Mom, when's Dad gonna be home?"

"Mom, tell HIM to stop copying me." 

My turn:  "Todd!!!  Where are you???  Get home NOW PLEASE."  {He's riding with the Sheriff's dept. tonight b/c of all this icy stuff on the ground.}

The cabin fever thing is becoming annoying.  Our satellite apparently loves all the ice and has gone out.  It's a good thing we're movie buffs.  {LOL, I swear I just wrote 'bugs' instead of 'buffs'!!}

We just watched Field of Dreams, now we're onto Eight Below.  Which I'm pretty sure belongs to one of my friends, if only I could remember which one. 

Don't know what we're gonna do when this one's over. 

It's gonna be a lonnnnnnnng night.

I hear my book calling my name.  I'm reading Dear John.  Ohmygoodness.  It's seriously good.  I can't wait for the movie next weekend!!!

G'night and love to all.

Stay warm and dry.

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