Saturday, January 30, 2010


I feel the need to apologize over my last post.  I'm coming off very whiny and not thankful.  I'm so sorry it seems that way.  {And no, no one said that, I just read it again.}  I love my kids and all their 13,437 questions they ask me each day.  I was just SLIGHTLY frustrated last night when I wrote that.  Kind of like I was on Tuesday night when I wrote "Dear Children".  

We did survive our night sans Todd last night.  Our power went out sometime close to 9pm, and finally at 10:45 because of boredom and me being tired of all the complaining, we decided to call it a night.  Have I mentioned my kids don't have bedtime on the weekends?  I let them stay up until they conk out.  Because of the power being off, and because I didn't feel right about letting them all sleep on the floor in our bedroom {the cats litter boxes are in there}, we made the executive decision to "camp out" downstairs in the living room.  

Good idea, right?  Except for the fact that Graham and I couldn't fall asleep.  We read by flashlight until close to 1am.  Hideous, right?  Oh, and by the way...speaking of reading?  Have you all seen the preview for the new movie coming out next weekend called Dear John?  I read that book.  It's by Nicholas Sparks.  AND OHMYGOODNESS it is awesome.  I've read most of his books and this one is no exception.  So, if you're a reader, I strongly recommend the book first, then the movie.  I can't wait to see it!!  Anyway, Todd finally got home sometime close to 2am and we all went upstairs to sleep.  Because it was freeeeeeeeezing down here.  I don't actually know the temp, but it was a chilly 60 degrees upstairs.  

We bundled all the kids up in 2 beds {Jonah's and Noah's} with tons of extra blankets, then went to bed ourselves.  Sounds fine and dandy, right?

Until we went to make the bed down, when we realized that one of the cats {Sambo} peed on the bed.  And the comforter, flat and fitted sheet and the mattress pad.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I feel like I'm on some bad sitcom at this point.  I was so tired that I couldn't see and my eyes were barely able to stay open.

SO.  We changed the sheets and scrambled around the house for some MORE blankets.  When we finally fell into bed, we were both so cold that we slept touching all night.  {Because we have a king sized bed, folks.}  Well.  All night?  Until 3am when all the lights came back on.

My first words when the blaring light beside me woke me up?  "Thank You, Jesus!!!"  Seriously, my face was like a popsicle.  It was so cold that the heater kept me awake forEVER because it kept going to warm up our house.  

We slept peacefully for 4 hours.  Then Jonah decided to test how loud he could scream from the playroom.  I so did not want to hear that.  But praise the LORD when I woke up, I was able to come downstairs and push "ON" on my coffee pot. 

We're among the fortunate ones, because some people in Collierville STILL don't have power.  It's awesome to have a warm house with lights that work.  

So, we're just hanging out around here all day.  We're not going anywhere.  My hubby and the greatest neighbor ever, Travis, are taking off all the crown molding and are about to putting up the wires for the surround sound.  We just may get this all done today!  And we'll have our furniture rearranged, hopefully, and the tv will be in its new home.  Maybe.  

I made some yummy potato soup for dinner last night.  I think we may have the leftovers tonight.  I am in the mood to cook.  Lucky for me, my awesome hubby went to Kroger for me on Thursday.  Him and all the other crazies, that is.  So we have plenty of yummy things I can whip up for dinner.  

Well.  I'm going to get off this thing.  I hope all you that are near me enjoy your day being iced in.  I know we will. 

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Kim said...

Girl, you SO don't need to regret that post, you just said what the rest of us think!!!!! Have a great day!! I wish we could have a few more days of no school! Summer break can't get here fast enough.....oh wait...i'm gonna have 3 kids then!! AAAHH!

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