Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Don't Hate The Cold.

In fact, it's just the opposite.  I heart the cold.  {If I were on facebook, I would have made the cute little heart instead of the word "heart".}  I really do.  Even the bbbbbbbitter cold like we had yesterday.

Cold weather {for me} means yummy fires, soup for dinner, snuggling up with blanket {and a kid and if I'm lucky, a MAN!}, coffee, a lazy day spent indoors, comfy sweatshirts, fuzzy get the drift.  The only thing that would make it more perfect would be some snow.  Not ice.  I said "SNOW". 

Although, I'm the one who didn't really want snow this week.  Only because we JUST went back to school after Christmas, and I wasn't quite ready for a break.  Now, if it were February, then YES.  Bring on the snow. 

Last night we braved the single digit temps and went to dinner at Carrabba's.  Yummmmmmm.  The little boys had grilled chicken and fettucine alfredo.  The older boys had shrimp scampi with mashed potatoes {Drew} and macaroni {Graham}.  Todd had lobster ravioli and I had pasta rambo~linguini with shrimp, mushrooms, scallions, artichoke hearts and a butter cream sauce.  It was so crazy good, it wasn't even funny. 

This is the boys' third time to go there and it is their absolute favorite.  Graham said to us at the end of dinner, "We should come here once a week!"  Ummmm, not for the price we paid, but o-KAY.  He can think that. 

We had a gift card, by the way.  Which we so lovingly shared with the boys.  Instead of going on a date night by ourselves.  But, whatever.

So....we are staying in today.  Well, for most of the day.  The boys and me are going to Nana's and Big Daddy's tonight for dinner.  Todd is going to help the sheriff's dept. out while we do that. 

Well, I hope you all have a deliciously good Saturday.  Stay warm!  Oh, and speaking of warm~~it's already warmer now than it was yesterday!  It's a whopping 16 degrees already!

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