Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House Update

So last night at the hideously late {to be starting such a HUGE project} hour of 7:00, Todd and I began the deconstruction of the room formerly known as Jonah's and Noah's.  {Did you like that?  It sounds so Prince~ish!}

The beds they have are so big that they don't fit through door frames.  SO.  Todd the manly man had to take them both apart in order to move them.  So he did.  And we did.  Then we had to start on the room formerly known as "the office".  We had to do a little in one room, then go do a little more in the other room.  And the vacuum and I walked down the hall at least 10 times.  

So, we finally finished and Jonah and Noah actually got to sleep in their new room last night.  The problem?  The walls are all yucky.  And tan.  And if you've been in my house, you know I don't do "tan".  I think it's a lousy excuse of a color.  So I'm thinking of painting the room.  Actually, I've already thought about it, and I will definitely be painting the room.  The good news is that it's a small room with no crown molding and just the 2 windows.  And can be done probably in 4 hours.  

We did that one time~me and my FANTABULOUS sister Trish painted Graham's and Drew's room in one day and completely rearranged it and everything.  It was like that old TLC show, While You Were Out.  They didn't even know we were doing anything that day.  I'd love to do that with the little guys.  

The other thing I have to do in their new room is move all their clothes from their old closet into their new one.  And we need to have a toy sale.  DO WE EVER NEED TO HAVE A TOY SALE.  Because it looks like the Toy Fairy threw up in the playroom.  

So.  That's all.  I will like it better when it's all painted and decorated and cute again.  It's my goal to make every room in this house look "just so", and this one has a ways to go before it reaches that status.  

Oh, just a cute little story~we were putting Noah's bed against the window in their room last night {where faux wood blinds hang} and we told Noah that he'd better not mess with the blinds while he was in bed at night.  Because if he did, he would break them {like Graham did in his room when he was 4 years old}.  So when we told him that he said, "Well, I was thinking I want to try my bed on that other wall."  As if he just knew that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself from playing with the blinds!  We shared a good laugh.  

Okay, well, I hope you all have a great day.  Happy Wednesday!!!!

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