Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Children,

I know you might not be perfect.  And I'm sorry for the times I expect you to be that way.  I'm also sorry for the times when I completely FREAK out over your rooms and closets and how I can get neither in nor out.  


I sometimes forget that you are boys.  And while I do not understand, I'll try and remember that you're going to be messy.  And loud.  And smelly.  And put up a fight over getting into the shower.

I forgive you for immediately consuming all the "good stuff" the second {or so it seems} I get home from the grocery store.  

And then complain of a tummy ache because "I ate too much".  

I'll try not to laugh when you trip over something and fall.  But please forgive me when I slip and do just that.  Because I have always been that way.

And please, will you stop growing?  My arms miss holding you, Graham and Drew.  And Jonah and Noah, I'm not ready for you two to stop being my "babies", just because you were

I don't remember the last time any of you asked me to marry you.  

I'm not ready to be the mom of an almost teenager {and yes I do realize I have 2 more years, but do you realize how fast the time flies?}.  

I'm not ready to handle some of these issues that come with you all growing up.

Please be kind and stay little forever.  I won't sing to you anymore {unless you ask me to} if you don't want me to.  And I will try not to meddle into your everyday lives~even though that might be the cause of all these grays I keep finding.  

But can you please stay this age forever?  Please?

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.  As long as I'm living, my baby{ies} you'll be.  

Your tired, sometimes frustrated, always well~meaning, loving, never perfect, reminiscing Mom


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