Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andy Update & More

He is fine.  Well, kind of.  He does have arthritis and we're going to start him on some vitamins.  He also has a little inflammation, so we'll be giving him something to take care of that as well.  The limping is gone {for now}, and he is on the mend. 

Well, he will be once his tummy gets back to normal.  Andy doesn't like anesthesia, and they won't clean dog's teeth without anesthesia.  So, he's kinda sick right now, but he'll live.
I don't know if this snow thing is going to happen or not, but Todd says that on the forecast there is ice all around us.  So maybe it will happen.  The boys are all wearing inside out/backwards pj's, they've flushed ice down the toilet, Drew has a spoon under his pillow and Noah put a spoon in the freezer.  We've covered all the bases. 
And to make it a little extra special, I told all the boys they could sleep on pallets in the office.  It's their most favorite thing. 

Well, that's all for now.  My words have all been used for the day.  G'night.

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