Monday, December 21, 2009

FuN tImEs & ChRiStMaS

It is Christmas this week.  Holy cow.  Does anyone else have a million things to do before the big day arrives on Friday?! 

I do.  Our first big day is tomorrow~we're celebrating Christmas early with Todd's family.  I volunteered to make the dressing.  Tomorrow.  And I don't even have the ingredients.  AND I'm sitting her blogging about it instead of actually doing something about it.  I also have a couple things left to buy and gifts to wrap.  Although, I cannot wrap those gifts until tonight when Todd and I are without kids. 

I had a friend ask me if I wanted to come over today and bake.  SURE!!!  Because baking is always SOOOOO much more fun when done with a friend!  I've been told asked to make some more chex mix.  I think we're making chocolate covered peanut butter ritz crackers, too.  :)  And something else, but I don't know what it is yet.  

Wow.  I really need to get off here and get to the store for the ingredients.  We're having a lazy day at home at the moment.  The older boys had a friend over last night, so they'll be hanging around playing until we leave at noon. 

What fun things are YOU doing this week?  I hope to be fun AND productive.  That's my goal.  We'll see how close I get to it. 

As I am writing this, my kids are in the kitchen eating waffles and chicken tenders with ranch.  I wonder what is wrong with them that they don't like breakfast food?  Saturday Drew gave me a preview of his upcoming teenage years and had pizza for breakfast.  Why they can't enjoy a simple bowl of cereal is beyond me.  Oh, my heart.  I'm sure this will only get progressively worse.  Times 4. 

Ok.  Well I need to get off this laptop and onto my "things to do" list. 

Love to all. 

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