Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Up?

Wow. I don't know what's gotten into me not writing. I've been in a slump.

I was so sick yesterday~stomach issues, fever, body aches~but started feeling better today. God has blessed me with good health, and a very strong immune system. Praise Him for that. I've been fever free since last night, and my stomach has gotten better all day.

I have to brag on my hubby. Have I told you how great he is?? He is. Seriously, the best ever. Sometimes so much more than I deserve. But before I tell you any more, I have to rewind a little.

Yesterday my sweet mother~in~love, Phyllis, worked in the health room at the school. I was so glad she was there when I started getting sick. She stayed there all day, and ended up taking care of Noah at lunch. He had a very loose tooth, and couldn't eat his lunch. She took him and his lunch back to the health room with her {she'd gone in to the cafeteria to tell them hello and that I wouldn't be there}, cut up his sandwich and fed him his entire lunch.

THEN, she stayed the rest of the day to read to both twins and brought them home to me at 4:00. After she dropped them off, she went to the grocery store and got all my groceries. Well, Graham actually did that~she said he did the whole thing from start to finish with little or no assistance. Go Graham!!! He's gonna be such a great hubby one day!

So after that Todd came home and completely took care of me. I cried like a baby over not being well, and he assured me that he could and would handle dinner, clean up and the kids. ***sigh***He is SO the man.

So today I woke up better but not 100%, so I still stayed home. Once the boys were gone, I ended up cleaning out their closets. And proceeded to find Drew's missing~in~action wallet for 6 months with the $45 in it. Seriously.

So it's almost time to pick them up from school and I'm getting dressed when Todd texts me.

Todd's text: Is Travis Cottrell the one who travels with Beth Moore?
My text: Yeah, why?


Five minutes later he calls me back and says nevermind that text. Ohhhhh no. He tells me that he's in Jackson, TN today and as he's driving down the road, he sees a sign that says: "Travis Cottrell in concert Friday night". He pulls in and asks the ladies if it's THE Travis Cottrell. And it is. And then....the greatest man in the entire world bought us 2 tickets to go see him!!! And tells me that I have to get rid of the kids.

So. Thank you, Aunt Tricia. She is letting them spend the night with her that night. And they are BESIDE THEMSELVES excited at the thought of her lavishing love and attention on them all night! She's a great auntie. After all, she's the one who lets them "shave" in her jacuzzi tub.

And feeds them chocolate any time they want it. And might let them get a quarter or 4 out of her change jar. She's the bomb.

I am so excited about it all, needless to say. And to top off all this deliciousness, my kids, sister and daddy are going downtown first thing in the morning for the Veteran's Day parade. We'll be riding the trolley after that and having lunch. Can you feel my smile??? I am so blessed.

So. That's what I've been up to.

What about you? What have YOU been doing?

***On a serious note, my little friend Gavin Owens went home to be with Jesus last night. God is good and answered prayers of him going home peacefully. Continue to pray for his family left behind~that God would continue to give them comfort and peace.***


Debi said...

You will be up close and personal with Travis.....you have to tell him who you are and that you are my SiS....I was the only station he met in Orlando...he will remember.

DOn't buy his CD I have yours.

love and hugs.

Debi said...

i love this picture of the boys....so adorable.


all4boys said...

Ok!!! I am so excited~this will be just him, so I'm looking forward to the different music. Thanks~I love this one, too, it's at the zoo's new Teton Trek exhibit~hopefully we can all go when y'all come home for Thanksgiving!!! Well, by "we", I mean me and your kids. I don't expect you to come to the zoo. Unless you want to. Love you!!!

cschaade1 said...

I love all your sweet stories of your family coming together to help you during your illness. I am so blessed by their kindness. God is so faithful. You take such good care of them, so they stepped up and took good care of you. Did you boys have the idea to make the posters themeselves.. or did mom help?

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