Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Already?

Where has this year gone? It seems like just yesterday that my precious grandmother, Vera Mae Myles, went home to be with Jesus. I cannot believe that another year has gone by.

I was getting the boys lunches ready for school this morning and thinking about exactly this time last year~my sister Debi had just flown in from Florida, and on Tuesday night Mammaw started going downhill pretty quickly.

We spent the majority of that night and the next day with her~then on Thanksgiving morning, she went home to be with her Maker.

I never thought of it until just now, but that makes both of my grandmothers something really special. Mammaw went home on Thanksgiving morning, and my dad's mom, Grandma Lloyd, went home to Heaven on Christmas eve 16 {17?} years ago. How cool that they both went home on holidays~holy days.

They were both amazing women. My mom's mom, Mammaw, was a precious, God~loving woman. She was always praying and she always had her mind, heart, and eyes on Him. I used to love the way she would pat my hand and lift up her sweet little hand in praise to the Lord for something good that I was telling her.

She loved to sing, and at one time had a beautiful voice. She loved hearing hymns being played on Sunday morning, and she loved to worship.

Dad's mom, Grandma Lloyd, was very similar. Grandma Lloyd was like the woman in the Bible who had nothing to give, but gave it all anyway. She was forever faithful in tithing, but more than that, she was always sending money to some organization or another.

Grandma Lloyd loved the Lord with all of her heart, mind and strength. She sang in her church choir, and she, too, loved to worship the Lord. He was her life. Every other Sunday, after church, we would all go over there and eat her amazing cooking. I've been blessed to have been handed down some of her famous recipes.

I'll never forget when my dad described her going home: he said that right before she died, she had this glow about her. He knew then, he said, that she wouldn't make it through the night. And sure enough, the Lord took her Home for Christmas.

It really was beautiful~and I'm blessed to have had two women like this in my life. Grandma Lloyd helped influence my childhood, and Mammaw helped influence my adulthood. My mom took such great care of her mom. I loved seeing that~how she came full circle and became her caregiver. Mom did not have a wonderful childhood, but I think the Lord helped heal some of that in the way that she took care of Mammaw.

Mom, if you're reading this, thank you for being an inspiration. You really did a phenomenal job of taking care of Mammaw, and I know you made her proud. She radiated from the love that you gave her. Thank you, also, for letting my boys be a part of that ~you shared those experiences with them, and you have been a huge help in teaching them what love is all about.

I am proud of you, too. I love you, Mom.

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