Friday, October 23, 2009

The Names of God

Elohim~strong One, plural of majesty, the Trinity~God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

El Shaddai~God almighty

El Elyon~Most High God

El Olam~Everlasting God

YAHWEH~YHWH~to exist, to be, God the independent and self existing God of revelation and redemption

Jehovah Jireh~the Lord will provide

Jehovah Nissi~the Lord is my banner

Jehovah Shalom~the Lord is peace

Jehovah Sabbaoth~the Lord of hosts

Jehovah Maccaddeshcem~the Lord your sanctifier

Jehovah R'Oi~the Lord my shepherd

Jehovah Tsidkenu~the Lord our righteousness

Jehovah Shammah~the Lord is there

Jehovah Elohim Israel~the Lord, the God of Israel

I had to write out the names of God and their meanings for Bible study, and I was fascinated by all of His names. Yet He is the One, the True, the Faithful God. The only One.

I am learning all about His character through my Bible study~not just His plans for my life, but I am learning all about Him. Just Him.

He is all these things to me~especially Jehovah Jireh. Which one is He for you? He can be all of them. I love Jehovah Nissi~He is my banner! Wow.

I'm falling for Him all over again.

Are you?

Now would be a great time to find that post I did on my new favorite song by Israel Houghton and listen to it while you read His names.

I adore Him.

He is magnificent and holy.

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