Saturday, October 24, 2009

a movie, a cold night and a good friend

The weather here yesterday was so....blah. It was the perfect night to stay home in comfy clothes and curl up with a great movie. Which is exactly what I did.

Todd had to work for the sheriff's department last night, so I invited my friend Christa over. I got Chik~Fil~A for the boys and myself, and she brought her own pizza. Not because I was rude and didn't offer her food, but because she wanted pizza, and we'd had that the night before. I am a good hostess, I promise.

The boys love when she comes over. They were all snuggled around her at one point, and she was trying to teach Jonah and Noah how to blow bubbles with their gum. Because I can't seem to explain that right. ? Who knows.

I rented 2 movies~Space Chimps for the boys and Twilight for us. Ohmygoodness. Call me whatever you want, but I loved it. I read all 4 of the books {in a ridiculously short amount of time, I might add} and my expectations of the movie were pretty low. I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course I also kept in mind that all these books were written for teenagers, so I expected some of the dumber parts.

Now I can't wait until New Moon comes out in November. I am making a date to see it with Christa and Katie. :) What a happy thought.

Today we're being lazy. My husband and Graham and Jonah are at Costco, I'm here doing the bloggy thing, and Drew and Noah are in the backyard with the neighborhood kids. What a great day. And the sun is shining!! Hallelujah! I lurve me some sunshine after a few days of gloominess.

This afternoon we're going to my dad's to carve pumpkins and cook hot dogs, then we're going to ZooBoo! I'm so excited~I've never been, and I can't wait to see what it's all about. It's going to be another cold night! Yay. I also lurve me some cold weather! Especially if it involves yummy sweaters and scarves and snuggling up next to my man.

Well speaking of him, I have to go. He just told me to get dressed so we can leave to go eat lunch. Bye! Love y'all!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Y'all have a great afternoon and hopefully I will get to see you tomorrow, I feel like it's been forever!!!

all4boys said...

I know!!! I was wondering about y'all the other day. See ya tomorrow, hopefully!!

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