Friday, October 30, 2009

!?!?!HaPpY fRiDaY!?!?!

So maybe I should not have gone to bed last night. I should have known something was up when at 10:30 Graham comes to us and tells us that he's been coughing all day and cannot sleep. My cure? "Go to sleep!!! Then you'll stop."

Todd is hacking and sniffling and sneezing. Jonah is hacking. Drew is trying to. And Noah, well, he's just my lil toothless wonder.

Graham continues to cough~and it's not even a "real" cough, I might add. Just one of those annoying ones that he can't stop doing. It drove me insane until 11:30 or so and he either fell asleep or the cough mysteriously disappeared.

This morning arrives. Jonah and Noah are up when dawn breaks, and why the HECK is Jonah Raymon so stinkin' happy at the crack of dawn?? Ugh. I was not, needless to say.

Graham and Drew seem to think that my wake up call did NOT include them and continued to snooze.

Graham had to be at the school early this morning for environmental club and safety patrol, which meant we all had to hurry and get out the door by 8:20.

We got to school, lined up in the car line {?!?!?!?! What is wrong with these parents that want to drop their kids off that early and sit for 30 minutes?!?!?!?!}, and Graham is about to get out when he says, "Oh, Mom? I accidentally forgot my backpack."

To which I thought to myself, "Well excuse me, while I accidentally pinch you."

I had to turn around and come home so he could have his bag. Drew was kind enough to come inside and get it, then carry it in for him.

I finally got rid of~I mean dropped off~the kids, came home and discovered that ANDREW MYLES forgot the 2 bottles of soda he was supposed to take to school this morning. For his snack. That starts at 10:00. One whole hour before I go in.

I ran upstairs and threw on some non~pajama style clothes, ran back down, grabbed the soda and took off. Once again.

I hurried in and out of the school~because I happened to look hideous this morning and I had no make up on~and finally came back home.

And enjoyed my long hot shower. Until I tripped over my huge dog, who is terrified of the storm we're currently having and is trailing me wherever I go.


I seriously hope this is not a preview of things to come.

Can I go back to bed and start over?


The good thing about this day~it's Friday. And so help me, if anybody wakes me up before 8am in the morning, it is on.

I need some sleep. The kind that is uninterrupted. Because did I fail to mention that one or more of my kids has come and stood over me in the middle of the night almost every night this week? WITHOUT SAYING A WORD?!?! And I just "happened" to wake up because I could feel their beady little eyes staring at me?? I think they're trying to harm me. Seriously. Who, in their right mind, would DO that to somebody?

So I might have "accidentally" gotten Graham back yesterday. Because it's him the majority of the time that does that to me. Drew and him were watching a scary movie on tv, and I might have accidentally let out a blood~curdling scream while pointing to nothing behind his head.

The look on his face was PRICELESS. He said he was going to get me back and if he does, I assure you, it is GAME ON.

This Mama ain't messin' around.

Happy Friday y'all.

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