Monday, October 26, 2009

Excuse us while we interrupt this beautifully decorated dining room and bring to you...

...camouflage. Lots and lots of camouflage. Living in a house full of young {and not so much} men is truly interesting, to say the least.

I was walking by my dining room this morning and just stopped and smiled for a minute. Because my dining room is one of my favorite rooms in my house. It's all pretty and nice and kinda {KIND OF} feminine. I love it. What I smiled about was all the camouflage jackets surrounding my dining room table. Because the young men afore mentioned cannot reach our coat tree.

Which I'm thinking would be EXCELLENT if my brilliantly smart, gifted, handsome husband could find some pegs and drill into the lower portion of the coat tree. We could have the high ones for ourselves, and the lower ones for the boys. Brilliant, I tell you. Sheer brilliance.

Or maybe just desperation to get my "pretty" room back. I mean come on. It's one room in a house filled with seven others. Can I not have JUST ONE ROOM to myself??? Please???

Apparently when camouflage moves in, pretty moves out.

But in its place, I must say, is something every dad should be so lucky to have.

A son {or four} who admires everything you are and stand for.

A son {or four} who wants to do everything just exactly like his daddy does.

A son {or four} who cannot wait to go hunting with his dad.

A son {or four} who screams and shouts at the football game on the television, just like good 'ol dad. And who tells everyone, "I'm starting football next year." Why? Probably so he can go to the University of Alabama and play football so his dad can come and cheer him on.

Okay. Maybe I don't want my pretty room back.

Maybe I'll leave it exactly like it is.

Maybe I'll even take a picture of it and frame it, so that when my house is all clean and perfectly neat and straight and quiet, I can look back on that day and remember all the happiness we had in this house of young {and not so much} men.

Or, maybe I'll just post it on this here bloggy blog.

For your enjoyment.

Or mine.


Well, I had this other thought in mind for my blog today
, but life got in the way. And boy, am I thankful.

Thank Y
ou, Lord, for my messy boys. Thank You that we love, live and play in this house. Help me to never take one day for granted. Help me enjoy this time that I have with them. I ask this in Your name. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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