Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost Fall Break!

I am seriously ready for this week to be over. It always seems like the week before a break is the longest, ya know?

I am so excited about my weekend!!! I'm going to see Beth Moore at the FedEx Forum tomorrow night with some church ladies, Christa and my neighbor, Katie. I am beside myself with excitement.

Especially since Christa and I are turning it into a retreat. I'm spending tomorrow night at her house. :) I told the boys, and they go, "No fair." They lurve Christa.

Saturday is more of the Beth Moore event, then that night we're going to a wedding at the Memphis Zoo! I've never been to a wedding at the zoo, and we're all excited!!

Sunday is church, and Monday and Tuesday are blessed days off!!! Praise the Lord! I lurve me some days off with my favorite boys EVER!! I know one day we're going to see the new zoo exhibit, Teton Trek, and the other day....I don't know. Whatever we want to!!

The time is already flying, people. I cannot believe it's already fall break, almost Halloween, then the Holidays! Yikes. I wish I could hit "slow motion" so we could enjoy our time more. I feel like I'm always in a race to something else, or the next big day. I think these are the times that I wish I was born a century ago. Before technology, before all that now complicates life. Anyway. That's a whole other post.

I enjoyed my night tonight. I took Jonah and Noah to get haircuts and to Baskin Robbins afterwards. Todd took Graham and Drew to see GI Joe. They've been begging for weeks to see it, so Todd decided to finally take them.

Well. Speaking of all the little devils, I am going to go now because the 3 of them just got home. Oh, and the next time you see Noah, ask him how much better he is at the "Worm" than Drew is. Love to all!!


Dawn Jenkins said...

I am jealous...Beth Moore!!! Have fun!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I am jealous...Beth Moore!!! Have fun!

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