Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

This is where we are. This is a pic from last year, but the view has not changed a bit. This is Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. As I write this, we're in the clubhouse gameroom letting the boys play games. I'm on Todd's computer, and Phyllis is on their computer.

It's rainy and overcast today~which suits us just fine. We've had a really lazy morning. Papa took them to get donuts first thing~it was 9:00 when they went~and then they came to play games. Todd and Wiley are out looking for flipflops for Todd~since he forgot his for the 2nd year in a row~and it's just us and the boys.

We were going to swim today, but since it's only 73 degrees, we decided we'd better not. Tomorrow we're getting a boat for the day and the boys are going to intertube out on the lake. What I'm really excited about is tonight~Mimi and Papa are taking the kiddos out for CiCi's pizza, and Todd and I are hitting the the town for a date!!! I am super excited~it's been ages since we've been alone.

Tomorrow night we'll be grilling out and going to bed early since I'm sure we'll all be exhausted, and Saturday we're going to the lookout tower over Hot Springs and the mountain that's nearby. That night we're taking dinner to our friends from Memphis that work here in a children's home. We saw them last year when we were here, and they invited us to come back when they found out we were coming back.

It's a great week. Nice, relaxing, and quiet~the perfect prescription for us to refresh before going back to the real world. I could not ask for more. Hope you all have a great weekend and love to all!

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