Monday, September 21, 2009

Things I Get To Do Today

stay home with my oldest son, Graham,
enjoying the one on one time

clean my house~more than the average hour and a half clean, I mean~there's a big

watch disney channel all day and maybe a movie or two

take Graham to the doctor and maybe

a treat afterwards


play on the computer

let Graham play on the other computer~thank you honey, for leaving your
laptop home today

be envious over the fact that my sista Debi got to meet my all time favorite
worship leader, Travis Cottrell

be excited about going to the Beth Moore event coming in October

be excited about my new Bible study tonight

paint my nails

catch up on laundry~and~wait for it~

fix my Graham whatever he wants for lunch~and if it's a milkshake, who cares?
He is sick, after all.

catch up on my devotions and Bible reading

maybe sneak in a little snooze

enjoy my time at home today, because it'll probably be back to the real world


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

I had to leave work early today b/c Lukie was sick :( I'm secretly enjoying my time with him as well! I hope Graham gets to feeling better soon!!! I hate it when our babies are sick!!!

Debi said...

You can snag my picture if you like of me and Travis and photo shop your head on me....hee hee! Girl....he was the sweetest thang....I have him a good ole Baptist girl hug...He gave me some T-shirts to give away....uhmmmm let me see....who wants one?

lurve you,

all4boys said...

Thanks, Katie! I do love moments like today. Not that one thing on this list happened. I did sneak a snooze.

Debi! Hmmmmm, let me see. Who wants one? Heller. Me!!! Do you have an extra for my friend I'm going with?? She's a small. Me, not so much. :) XL. Please??? Love you!

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