Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simply Perfect

is what our weekend was. Absolutely perfect. It's one of those that I hope to experience again! As in this weekend, maybe. Well, we will be in Hot Springs, so you never know.

I enjoyed Sunday and yesterday the most~we didn't have church that night due to the holiday weekend, so we joined a bunch of other families at our friends' house. Fun times. It's one of those families that we feel like we just fit right into.

Yesterday was wonderful, and relaxing. We hung around here all morning, and then went to my sister's house for lunch. Y.u.m.m.y. Chicken and dressing. Oh MY. Nevermind that Thanksgiving is a couple months away and we'll be eating our fill of it again, it was delicious. Thank you, Mom, for making that.

We had a great time visiting with the fam~of course my crazy sista Lisa had to enhance it by scaring her husband Jim, Todd and Bill awake. She went in there and started clapping her hands and screaming at the top of her lungs. Poor Lilly {their dog} got thrown across the room because Jim jumped up so fast. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I wish we'd had the thought to record it~that would have made it perfect.

Lisa and I ended the night by going to see a movie. Fun times. Movies are better when they're shared with sisters.

I am sooooo excited about tomorrow~after school gets out we're packing it up and heading out! I have done all the laundry {well, most of it} and the house is in order for us to go. The boys are all beside themselves at the thought of spending the weekend at the lake. And who doesn't love a weekend away from home??

Well. I need to go. And do some stuff. Like maybe consider what we'll be eating for dinner tonight. That would be good. Well, I hope you all enjoy your day. Love to all.

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