Friday, September 4, 2009

Just In Case You're Needing Help...

I am offering my services. I have been fixing blogs lately {not mine, other people's} and if you need help with yours, let me know. Also feel free to ask me questions you may have~you can comment, email {}, call or find me in person. Just a little f.y.i.

It's FrIdAy!!!! And a long weekend on top of that! And a short week next week on top of THAT! We're going to Hot Springs with the in~loves and we are SO SO SO excited! I have lots to do this weekend~making sure everything is clean so we can hit the road again on Wednesday afternoon, and I need to find a solution for Andy the WonderDog. I don't know what to do with him. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Selfless offers of keeping him at your house?? Hee hee, I don't expect that last one, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case.

So I was picking up toys the other day {imagine THAT}, and much to my dismay, I found chocolate milk stains over a portion of our wall in the living room. So Graham and I cleaned it up, problem solved. Yesterday I was walking through that same area and noticed the floor was sticky. Guess what it was? Yup. Chocolate milk. TODAY I am cleaning the house and noticed more stains on another wall, this one around the corner.

I know exactly which son did this. But can YOU guess which one? I will give you 4 chances and the first 3 don't count. Anyway, what was he doing??? Skipping through the house with a cup of chocolate milk in his hand? Running? Jumping? Attempting more acrobatic moves? I gave it away there. My precious young man that I am speaking of has become quite the acrobat. He climbs on anything that stands still for more than 2 seconds. And sometimes even on things that DON'T stand still. He has perfected a head stand~which he discovered he could do in the hotel room on the way home from Florida a month ago. He has almost perfected a HAND stand, and with that a front walkover. He has learned to hoist himself up onto the bar on our swing and he now loves to hang upside down. He climbs walls, door frames, FOOTBALL FIELD POSTS~ Jesus help me with this one~swingsets, monkey bars, you name it, he climbs it.

Do you know who it is yet?

Noah. Sweet little Monkey~boy, Noah. My 4th. My baby. The one I'm afraid may end up with a broken bone. I pray not. Isn't he precious???

Love to all. I gotta run.


Kim said...

That is cracking me up!!! Weston has been climbing door frames since he was 3!! People think we are crazy because we let him do it....the boy climbs EVERYTHING!!!!! Maybe we need to get them in gymnastics.....wonder if they have all boys classes?

cschaade1 said...

Thanks for your help with my blog my beloved friend!! It looks great!! I will advertise your services to the world!!

I love this story.. finding choco milk stains everywhere!! Soo cute! What a great pic of your little monkey. Too cute. He seriously needs to be a gymnast or something athletic like that. Love you!

all4boys said...

Kim, that is hilarious~I thought about the gymnastics~but then I heard how expensive it is, so I thought..."nevermind".

Christa!!!!! I didn't mind doing it~it's been bugging me in the back of my mind that it wasn't done. It was actually very simple to do, I'll show ya how I did it the next time we're together. I loved your blog today~you in a maternity swimsuit, how awesome is that? They don't look maternity nowadays! I hope you have the best refreshing, relaxing trip possible. You deserve it. Lurve you!!!! I will see you when you get back....hopefully. :)

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