Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday

I've seen other people do this on their blogs, and thought I'd copy the idea. Feel free to take this idea and run with it on yours.

Jonah is forever "rescuing" sad little creatures that he is convinced need a home indoors. His Mimi contributed to this by giving him a nice, clean jar complete with holes punched in the top.

Anyway. A couple weeks ago he brought in a tiny caterpillar. It turned into a moth. Well, it was going to, then it died.

This afternoon he brought in a big, fuzzy, HUNGRY caterpillar and the thing is trying to get out of its container, I swear. I wonder if they can squeeze through the holes on top? I hope not. I will probably scream like a little girl if that happens, by the way. The thing has not stopped moving all night.

So all this was to say that it reminded me of a spring day three or four years ago. Todd and I were outside raking leaves and had been all day. The boys were right out there alongside us the whole time, doing their own thing and occasionally pitching in.

Graham got the bright idea to start digging up worms. He found an old semi~truck toy under the swing and said that the inside of that could be their new home. I tried to tell him that they were going to die in there with no air, but he was convinced he was going to rescue these little innocent worms from the big, mean birds. So in the worms went, along with grass clippings and dirt.

We finished doing the yardwork and basically forgot about the whole thing. The next day after church, we went back out to finish the leaves off, and Graham goes out to check on his worms. And burst into tears. Hysterically sobbing, "My worms! They're all dead!!" The poor kid~he was truly distraught over his precious little "friends". It broke my heart, but I'd warned him that they probably wouldn't make it. Graham being Graham and all~he didn't believe me. He had to figure it out on his own, the hard way.

It was really sad. And funny. And something I'd forgotten about until tonight, when I saw Jonah admiring his caterpillar in the jar.

I love boys~this is why. Although I hate bugs, I love that they love them. They're forever bringing in their little treasures to me so I can admire them.

Just tonight, we went to Rita's ice cream in the Ville, and when we went outside, they entertained themselves for at least 5 minutes with rolly~polys. {I don't know how to spell that, by the way~Mrs. Spellcheck did not like my way.}

My husband wants to move to the country. I told him a week ago if he could work it all out, that I would follow. I have to admit~my boys need some land to dig on. They need their own wide open space. They need to be able to see and admire the stars at night without houses in the way.

Doesn't that sound heavenly?

It does to me~but lots of things would need to happen before any of this would take place. Like school, for instance. And figuring out where they would go, or if I would teach them at home. And the small issue of selling our house, and finding, buying, and moving into another one.

That almost brings on a panic attack.

We're just talkin'. And dreamin'.

And wishing our entire family would transplant to another city and state. I'm thinking Texas, or maybe Wyoming would be nice. Or even Colorado. I'd take Colorado.

Wanna join me??

If you have kids~boys, in particular~enjoy them. I can't believe that happened 4 years ago. Graham would've only been 6, Drew 5 and Jonah and Noah 2. How time flies.

I can't believe that mine have all grown up so much~and that I've already witnessed a lot of their "lasts".

That'll be another post.

Until then~enjoy your kids this weekend. I know I will enjoy mine. Love to all.

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